Sunday, December 31, 2006


When Facism comes to America,
it will come wrapped in the flag
and carrying a cross.

-Sinclair lewis

Hi boys and girls. My immune system and I have lost a real recent battle. As I watched James Brown, Gerald Ford and others rejoin the spiritual world, my body has been under attack. First, with God-knows-what that taught me how to get from anywhere in the hoise to the bathroom in less than ten seconds. to now, a New Year's Cold that makes me aware I am quite capable of killing.

Since no one has posted anything here recently, I decided to go "off topic" (forgive me, Tom) and offer a Heads Up to Ye Innocent Surfers mired down in the BLOG world. Regard this as purely for entertainment purposes.

TSMBATHTF is a convenient abbreviation similar to TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) and means; The The Shit May Be About To Hit The Fan. I have reason to believe that Nostradamus' predctions relating to a mysterious MABBUS or more accurately (in the French) MABBAS may mean SADDAM spelled backwards - or more accurately a MIRROR image of the spelling. eg; Mabbas.

This allows for several hundred years of time warps, trance confusions and a bit of psychic dislexia. After all Nossie apparently confused the swastika as an "S" and came up with the name "Hister" for Hitler. But... from several hundred years distanc and the necessity of hiding the predictions within quatrains (so he would not be barbecued by the church), Nossie done good!

ENTER THE DAVINCI CODE. Great flick if you like such things, especially the mirror-imaged verses. Why this matters is that when Nossie saw his visions, it was often in a flat, polished stone or bowl of water......... a MIRROR image.

Write down Saddam on a piece of paper. Hold it up to a mirror. What does it spell? mabbaS.


Century 2, Quatrain 62
Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

COMET INFO: OR just click the headline above

Now look at this Quatrain that came to pass about HITLER:

Hitler Quatrain

Beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers,
The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister.
Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn,
When the child of Germany observes nothing.

Notice he spelled Hitler's name Hister, close enough and it says he rises in Germany, and thats true also.

Portions of the above borrowed from other websites.

OBSERATION: Most of Nostadamus' most notable prophecies are relevant to the eastern hemispere - particularly Europe and especially France.


Mariah Fleming said...

"lz_ly_x" means the end of the spam hiatus on the blog. LOL. Sheesh. Will Abercrombie and Fitch will save the world? What does Nostradamus say? He was a pretty deep about the up and down sides of being psychic.

Hope you are feeling better! Great to hear from you, no matter what it is you write about! Rock on, Ronco. And GET WELL.

vagabondvet said...

I deleted the lz_ly_x comment, so the subject of Mariah's comment is gone. Hi, Mariah, Ron, everyone. Happy New Year!

Mariah Fleming said...

Thanks Daniel. I should have done that but couldn't pass up the chance to be a smart ass. (o:

Happy New Year!