Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jim Glass at Coopers Town

SOS.. Tina Hall, Bruce Frank, Jim and John

Jim Glass

Yo Mariah....
Quite in interresting chain... glad i mentioned the Air Force Jackets... I also played in a few bands with Jim Glass... and Tommy Dukes... mostly when we both lived in Flagstaff, He still working with Tommy too and stays in touch. Heres a recent pic of Jim at Coopers town.
Bruce Frank

PS Here also is a pic i found of a previous band... with me and Tina Hall... SOS


Mariah Fleming said...

Great photo, Bruce! Do you have any recordings?

Wow, Tommy Dukes is a name I remember, he was such a nice guy. I sat in with him sometimes as well as with the original Midnite Blues (Jimmy Peyton is another great guy) the Rocket 88's and Drivin' Wheel.

Miss those days! (o: What band does Jim Glass have now?

Lowell Hollars said...

Mikel Lander and Tommy Dukes and the Soul Kings just won first and second place in the Arizona Blues Showdown held at the Rhythm Room. Both are headed for the International Blues Challenge in January, 2007.

Mariah, the Arizona Blues Showdown finals was held Dec. 17th, right before Hans Olson opened for The Revenants on that night you and Ray were there with your KCAC/KDKB friends.

I know Tommy Dukes is in the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame (1997), Jim Glass should be also. I've never seen Tommy Dukes perform but have heard him on at least one compilation CD ("My Kind of Woman" on the "Blues Saguaro" CD. The Rocket 88's are also on that album, a most excellent album. Jim Glass played the guitar for a Big Pete Pearson song on the CD.

I saw Jimm Peyton and the "New" Midnite Blues" a few months ago at the 26th St. Blues (the old Warsaw Wally's). Since most of the band members were new, they wanted to record a session so asked an ex co-worker of mine to do them the honors; so I went over also and listened to the band. They are very good.

Lowell Hollars said...


PS-Good photo of Jim Glass at Cooperstown. By the way, in the picture with you; is that John Ritter on the right? Looks like John Ritter, and I see that his name is John somebody.

PS #2 By your "He still working with Tommy too..." comment, does that mean that Jim Glass plays with Tommy Dukes? As part of the "Soul Kings?"

Lowell Hollars said...


That Arizona Blues Blasts final was 11-19-06, NOT 12-17-06...Calendar-ology is not one of my strong points. :o)

Bruce Frank said...

'Calendar-ology'.... LOL Thats good... Time is relitive... and the date depends on your rate of speed! LMAO
Some people just got a way with words.
Keep it up what ever your doing. Works for me.
Love and Laughter
Bruce Frank