Monday, December 11, 2006

KCAC Airforce Jacket

Happy Holidays Everybody...
hope the season finds you all in good health and high spirits. I have in my possession... a shiny, like new, black and gold KCAC Air Force jacket.... my younger sister Debbie bought it way back then... [KCAC merchandise] and donated it just now... upon learning about efforts toward establishing a KCAC archive... should a place become avalible for display, or someone involved, to that end, would like take care of it till such time... let me know.
[back when i worked for the 'Beat'...
that was a 3 girl special!]
Love and Laughter to Ya's


Mariah Fleming said...

Wow, I have one too! Got it when the band I was in (Dirty Pearl) got on an AZ Sounds LP. The relic is in good shape too, but will probably never fit me again. Sure was cool at the time! I've saved it for thirty years!
(you don't want to see my garage)

Lowell Holars said...

Ah-h-h, the "Dirty Pearl" band. I have two of those "KDKB Arizona Sounds" LP with the "Dirty Pearl" band listed, the 1980 Volume IV and the 1981 Volume V LPs. Unfortunately I don't have all the volumes. The 1980 "Dirty Pearl" song was "Away Through The Breeze," and the 1981 song was "Custom Caddie." I didn't see Mariah's name in the credits, so she must have been with the band before or after those years. Just from 1980 to 1981, it looked like a major change in the band also.

Wonder what has become of some of those bands? I saw Ken and Russell Skaggs name for the "Two Week Notice Band" on both the 1980 and 1981 KDKB Arizona Sounds albums, they are both with Glen Campbell now. I saw the Glen Campbell band on TV (Channel 8) about 2 nights ago, playing at Branson. Gary Bruzzese who was with the "Marty Mithell Band" on the Volume 5 album, is also with Glen Campbell now.

I saw Brad Buxer's name on Volume 3 of "Arizona Sounds," he was with "Booth Davis & Lowe," on the keyboard. Brad went on to other things of course (Jetzons, Michael Jackson, etc., etc.), and is now playing with Bruce Connole and the "back from the dead" Revenants.

It would be an interesting project to track down what happened to all the bands and musicians listed on the KDKB albums; I know two of the "Two Week Notice Band" have passed away.

Lowell Hollars said...

Gee, I can't even spell my own name!

Mariah Fleming said...

Did you ever see Dirty Pearl? We had a blast. You have my mind sailing down the 1980's now...

As is the bane of the species known as "background vocalists" their credits are sometimes left off. Surely there's a book to be written about that by some of the now famous singers who started out doing background. It happened to me twice. I WAS singing background vocals on 'Away Thru the Breeze."

Janice Bouchier (great pipes!) was lead vocalist.I'd joined DP just prior to that session. KDKB goofed, no mention of me on the AZ Sounds LP. However, KBKD had us on later to talk about the new band lineup. At that time the cat was let out of the bag (o:

I've asked archivist extraordinaire Tom Wright if he has that inteview (or any live music and interview shows I did on KDKB prior to hooking up with Dirty Pearl.) If anyone has any I'd dearly love copies.

Janice Bouchier and I lost track of each other in the early 80's. I lived in Europe, sang lead for a French jazz/blues guartet. Great time! But eventually the ol red white and blue called me back to its shores.

Janice came to hear me at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts in around 1987. I've often wondered whatever happened to her. Hey, if you're out there, Janice, email me!

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Lowell,
I forgot to tell the second part of the story. In the 1980's, Jim Glass and I did vocal harmonies on "Small Paul" Hamilton's breathtaking version of the great R&B classic "Something is Wrong With My Baby"
We got credited on the record, and a New Times review gave a nice nod to the background vocalists sans names of course. Sure was cool, though.

TRUE STORY: One mid 80's Saturday night, Robert Plant played in PHX. After his show, his limo & entourage came to the New Yorker Club at Mill and Broadway. It was THE place to be for R&B at the time. SRO that night with Paul more pair of feet mighta busted the joint apart like a cardboard box.

There was a commotion at the door for several minutes. Someone finally relented (wouldn't you?) and THE ROBERT PLANT, authentic rock legend, strolled into our dancin'midst, while Paul belted it out. Plant strutted up toward the stage and stood there, apparently listening intently to our very own powerhouse.

Robert Plant stood out like an uber skyscraper with his long blond hair, tight leather pants, high heeled boots and shirt unbuttoned to show off the multitudinous gold chains around his neck. Small Paul couldn't help but notice. so when he finished his song he sincerely asked "WHO THE HELL IS ROBERT PLANT?!"

It was a memorable moment for the audience, and apparently also for Robert Plant.

Mariah Fleming said...

"Wonder what has become of some of those bands? I saw Ken and Russell Skaggs name for the "Two Week Notice Band" on both the 1980 and 1981 KDKB Arizona Sounds albums, they are both with Glen Campbell now. Saw the Glen Campbrll band on Ch. 8 about 2nights ago at Branson."

'Two Week Notice Band" sure was a great group. Ken and Russ are both still based in the valley. There's a whole bunch of talent in that family.

Ken Skaggs has long given of his time and talent to the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame's Board of Director's. Now Ken, an Arizona treasure himself, is the new Vice President of AMEHOF.

You'll find what's going on with many of Arizona's most notable artists if you check out the AMEHOF website.

Lowell Hollars said...


Great stories about Dirty Pearl and some of your earlier life, and especially about Small Paul and Robert Plant (that would certainly be a night to remember). Thanks for posting those.

I have the KDKB album where you do the background vocals for "Dirty Pearl," but it's been so long I don't even know if my turntable still plays or not. I'll have to give it a try.

I've seen Small Paul and Jim Glass perform a few times, both excellent performers. The last time I saw Jim Glass play, he was with Honeyboy Dupree and the Smokehouse players over at the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, before that at the Mesa Blues Blast, before that the Rhythm Room I think. I've only seen Small Paul at the Rhythm Room, but many times. Saw him one night in 2001 singing with Walking Cane Mark, Walkin' Cane was doing a tribute to Wayne Cochran. Being from Florida, I "grew up" listening to Wayne Cochran.

Mariah Fleming said...

Glad you enjoyed my post! I don't want to hog the blog but the topics you posted were hard to resist! Gave my brain a workout, let me tell you.

Bruce Frank (contributor)knows Jim Glass; I haven't seen Jim since I sold him my TEAC Portastudio in the parking lot of Warsaw Wallys. That sounds really suspect, doesn't it?! I was just back in the states and BROKE. He lucked out (o:

According to Bruce, Jim lives and works in the Prescott area and has a band. Maybe he'll do a gig down here one of these days.

Speaking of Prescott, did you know that Terri Sussman's great grand father somehow moved that gargantuan
rock to Prescott that they have in the town square park? I never asked her why.

My theory:
"Gotta get this rock to the top of the hill
And you do it til you're sick of it Do it til you can't do it no more." Jessie of my songwriter heroes.

Lowell Hollars said...

I don't know anything about recording equipment, but I've been doing a little googling on the TEAC Portastudio that you sold to Jim Glass, I see that the TEAC Portastudio is in the 2006 TECnology Hall of Fame 2006. The write-up said "the music industry was forever changed in 1979 with the introduction of the TEAC Portastudio 144."

The write-up continues "Perhaps the most famous Portastudio recording of all time was Bruce Springsteen's 1982 Nebraska album. Originally cut on a TEAC Portastudio 144..., it was originally intended to be a demo. However, The Boss liked the feel of the songs so much that, rather than recut them, they became the master tracks...The TEAC Portastudio was a runaway success story with a legacy of thousands of artists and engineers who made their first multitrack recordings on Portastudios."

Pretty cool, I'll bet you wish you still had that TEAC Portastudio as a little piece of history. I wonder if Jim Glass still has it?

I still have my first personal computer, a 1981 IBM PC. It was working the last time I tried it, but that was NOT in this century. :o)

Mariah Fleming said...

Yeah I'd buy it back in a heartbeat. (o:

vagabondvet said...

Wow, I wish I could contribute something equally fascinating, but I couldn't without veering way off topic here - but I just had to leave a note and tell you that this kind of reminiscing is just exactly what we like, and even need, on the blog here, so you just go right ahead and hog it up all you want, it's great reading! I'm sure the rest of the family's enjoying it too. Rock on!


Lowell Hollars said...

We had mentioned the "Two Week Notice Band" above, and where some of the band members are today. I was at Pranksters Too tonight in Scottsdale for the weekly Hans Olson show and found out that Ronnie Glover and his group "Trio Rio" will be playing there this Saturday night (12-16-06). Ronnie Glover played rhythm guitar and did background vocals for the "Two Week Notice Band" on the 1981 KDKB Arizona Sounds-Vol. V, with Ken and Russell Skaggs. This is the same album that Mariah Fleming sang on with "Dirty Pearl."

Apparently Ronnie Glover plays a lot at Pranksters Too (and Rustler's Rooste), I just wasn't aware of it until we started talking about the old KDKB Arizona Sounds Albums.

Liz Boyle said...

Gigi Dixon still plays gigs occasionally.

Dave Henzerling from The Schoolboys played at Lissa Wales' benefit show.

Kevin Crum from Captain Trips teaches guitar in Gilbert and still plays in the Valley.

Drummer Kevin Kennedy (Blue Shoes, Captain Trips, Trout Fishing in America, etc.) passed away in 1998.

Mark Meyers from Early Peas is a AMEHOF advisory board member.

David Dodt from the Bob Meighan Band still plays gigs in the Valley occasionally as well.

Finding an Arizona Sounds album in Valley thrift stores is still a possibility. I've found a few over the years. Otherwise, one in good condition will set you back at least $50.00 on ebay.

Lowell Hollars said...


Thanks for the update on the musicians you listed.

I've seen Gigi Dixon play a lot at Patriots Square Park (PSP) back in the good old days when Phoenx had the "Sights 'n' Sounds" noontime music series at the park, I've seen Gigi play at least as far back as 1999 at PSP, and up through 2004 when they stopped having music there. Gigi always put on a most excellent show. I remember when Gigi was scheduled to open for Leon Russell at the Rhythm Room in 2004, I couldn't make that show, but would have love to have gone and taken some photos.

PSP was a great venue for music for those of us who had to work in our teeny-tiny cubicles, it was fantastic to take off at noon, pick up some lunch at one of the many great spots in downtown Phoenix and head for the park. I've seen a ton of great musicians at the park. Just a few names that come to mind are (in no particular order, just as they come to me) Gigi Dixon, Hans Olson, Rena Haus, Chuck Hall Band, Sandy Hathaway, Jeordi, Stepen Liston, Greg Sarena, Jay Taylor, Jennifer Spector, Cameo Hill, Shri, Miles and Rhonda Lester, Mike Breen, Kay Pepper, Scott Hallok, Bucket of Witches, World Class Thugs, Lisa Pressman, D.L. Harris, Dave Grossman, Gus Brett, The Pearl Chuckers, The Revenants, Diesel Dawgs, Honey Child, Jeanne Newhall Jeffrey Armen, Peter Forbes, Jolien Nordloh & Bruce Kookin, Dawn Kerlin, Kenny Love & The Rock-er-Fellas, Dave & the Disciples, The Glory Revival, Mike Shields, Uncle Mike Band, Ten-Tun Universe, Bill Hranek, Gypsy Wind, Swingtip, Valerie Sack, Phonoroyale, and many others that I can't recall offhand, but will come to me later. There were many, many more artists that played PSP, that I didn't see. I know many of these artists are still in the area, some have left the Valley.

The last "Sights 'n' Sound" performance was April 30th, 2004. Jennifer Spector performed that day. Jennifer has since relocated to Seattle.

Mariah Fleming said...

You two have excellent memories! Either of you know if the Swingtips are still around?

Gotta get hip to ebay...sounds like I could make a small fortune selling some of my LPs alone...if I would ever part with them, that is! (o:

Liz, I heard the Revenants recently when a bunch of us went there the Sunday of Dwight's memorial after Alwun House. They are really something. Do you play them on your radio shows?

Lowell Hollars said...


PS: I just bought the "KDKB Arizona Sounds-Volume 1" LP off of ebay from a local seller, "ChungasCDs," but I don't know who that is. The LP is advertised as "mint condition," and my winning bid was $9.98 plus $4 for shipping. But I agree with you that many have been sold on ebay in the $50 range. I'm sure some are more rare than others.

How many "KDKB Arizona Sounds" LP volumes were there? I remember 7. I was going through my old albums a few weeks ago and realized I had 3 of the volume 5's, 2 unopen. I guess I had planned on giving them as gifts or something. I gave one to an ex co-worker who still enjoys his turntable. Mariah, you met him at the Rhythm Room on the night you mentioned above, his name is Bruce Johs and he is really into music like the rest of you KCAC/KDKB blokes. Bruce used to "DJ" in his college days.

Mariah, I've lost track of the Swingtips, so I don't know the answer to your question about where they are now.

I had the Revenants on my "guest DJ 15-song playlist" that I submitted to RFP, but never heard back from the station.

That was a funny remark that Bruce Connole of the Revenants made that night at the Rhythm Room. He looked at the KCAC/KDKB blokes and said something to the effect, "Wow, this is really weird to have a group of people that actually clap in time with the music."

Lowell Hollars said...


About the Swingtips, I just did a litte googling on them, and found their schedle at the following URL.

They are playing Sunday, December 31, 2006, 8 PM- midnight in Gilbert, AZ: Mayor's New Year's Eve Party at McQueen Park Activity Center...

...and lots of places in 2007

Dev said...

I hear they have really great Branson shows to check out!

RicH LeRoy said...

Don't know if anybody still looks at this page or not but here goes.
My Father was the Manager of Atrox - AZ Sounds Volume 3 - Side 1- Song 2 "See The Light"
Is their anybody that has a recording of this song ?

RicH LeRoy said...


vagabondvet said...

Rich, email me: vagabondvet at gmail dot com.