Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gathering of the tribe?

There was some discussion a week or two ago about another gathering, presumably at the Alwun House, sometime during or just after the holiday season. Any news on that?

Also - I gave a copy of the "new" KCAC tape (November 14, 1970) to Jimmy Magahern, and he will try to make it available online as either streaming audio, a downloadble file, or both. Watch for it soon!


Lowell said...

Thanks for the above info. Wasn't there also some mentioned earlier of posting the video tribute to Dwight Tindle (by Ken Beals)? I tried to find where I thought I'd read that, but drew a blank; so maybe I just imagined that.

Mariah Fleming said...

Yep, sure would be great to get together after the holidays like we talked about, before it gets hot again. I'll be happy to help organize another get together. Everybody chime in with your ideas about when would be good and then I'll check with Kim at Alwun House and we'll get the ball rolling. (o: