Friday, May 20, 2005

Song of the day

Hmmm, think we may have stumbled on a way to legally share some of the songs we talk about on this blog. This link downloads a low-fi, but full-length, copy of the Incredible String Band 13-minute opus mentioned in Stephen's post below. It comes from a Russian download site,, which legally gets through some RIAA loophole to offer songs at 2 cents per megabyte. But the best thing is, they offer full-length copies of the songs for preview. True, the 24 kbps bit rate ain't exactly CD quality, but for a blast from the past (they offer just about any late 60's/early 70's album you can think of), it ain't bad. Click this built-in Quicktime player to begin loading and playing the song Stephen and Ron talk about below. And let us know if it works - we'll start taking requests!

(Geez, I don't remember that violin being that out of tune!)

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Stephen said...

I just DL'd the entire Hangman's Beautiful Daughter album at 320 kbps for about $2.00. The Russian website is a nice find, but considering all the disclaimers I went through I doubt they are selling the music legally. What you are paying for is their encoding service and bandwidth use.

At any rate, the portion of A Very Cellular Song that Mr. Compton would close out KCAC daily with starts about 45 seconds in and runs for about 2:15.