Saturday, May 28, 2005

And it ain't just - there's Cowboys On Mars!

I asked Bob for permission to post this.... Ron
Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2005 2:06 PM
Subject: Have a nice Play...

Hey Howdy, Ron...
Yup, the curtains come down on the web-site hijack caper and  I'm trying to concentrate on making every day a day that moves us closer to actually producing the play , live, on stage, with a kick-ass ensemble of Arizona artists and associates.
I really did appreciate your line about putting yo bucks behind this Mission Possible as I have been bereft of such confidence for some time now. Indeed, Ron, it takes a long time to make the story short. Right ?
An yeah, I do need to connect with BBB an request his dramaturge assistance with this Way Up West Epic script. Thanks for the tip.
At this point we've got Richie Albright and Charlie Gearhart (Goose Creek Symphony) on board as well as all the creative Buckaroos I've shucked n jived over the past 21 years to make this bit of play a Hit. Your encouragement is a fine compliment to everyones efforts.
Slagge T. Pyle, aka Jim Heaton has assumed our Webmaster position and our site will be back on line within days and we will again show our work to the world and wish for its approval. Given your impressive web presence [?]we would pray your future enthusiasm, it Ti's a serendipitous blessing on the whole enterprise.
It is so delightful to be back in touch with all of our yesteryear friends and Pals...Little Willie Compton, Waylon and the Boys will be proud of our accomplishments.
Hope to gather us all for a pow-wow soon. We'll be in touch.
Best regards & thanks, always
Bob Gately
Surround yourself with people of impeccable integrity. Karl Eller 


Jimmy said...

I'd like to find out more about Bob Gately's play. Is that web site he mentions up and running yet? Is this something we should think about covering in New Times? said...

I've seen bits and pieces of the concept on the web as a work-in-progrss. Betcha there will be some good promo stuff pretty soon. Certainly a different perspective. Hint - Martians on Earth any less likely? There's a story here somewhere!