Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Parrallelograms" by Linda Perhacs

Mariah Fleming posted a comment earlier saying she's looking for a piece of music called "Parrallelograms" by Linda Perhacs. Although the original record is apparently hard to find [update: e-mail Ron; he's located it], it turns out Perhacs is re-recording her one hit and has even put together a video. What seems like a terrible idea actually sounds . . . not bad. Give it a view/listen here.


Mariah Fleming said...

Thanks for finding info and the new version of Parallelograms (I think...) It's a great example of "be careful what you wish for."

The original song was startling in the power of its simplicity. The new version is so layered with instrumental and sound effect subtext that it's cluttered with "meaning" - I even hear a bit of Strawberry Fields in it somewhere.

It's too bad...they've "improved" the song to death. I'll still try to find the original was haunting but not in an overproduced (creepy!) way.

By the way what in the heck does "Transmogrification" mean? I looked it up-nothing. I get 'trans' but if anyone knows the rest I'm curious. I think I 've heard it in relation to death (?) but hey-like I said they killed the song, so maybe it's the right word to put in their video clip (name of the new release I presume.)

The rare music site it's linked to looked promising.
Mariah said...

Hey Mariah... email me at
I managed to snag an original copy of Parallelograms AND Chimicaum Rain off of Limewire a few weeks ago. Didn't hear any vinyl noise but it sure sounded like the
original mix.

I have always been a fan of the Moody Blues and I have a musicians ear (as well as that of an audio engineer. The first thing I noticed about the CD versions of the Moody Blues was that it is WRONG. Not BAD, not melodicly incorrect but WRONG. I suspect that Justin Hayward and other members of the band had an active part of the MIXING from multi-track down to the final stereo image.

The current CD versions were NOT mastered by the same people and lordy, a sound mix and sound system is an extension OF THE INSTRUMENT which is an extension OF THE ARTIST.

Just wanted you to know I agree with ya. The engineers need to listen to the final mix from vinyl FIRST.