Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mariah Fleming To Join RFP

Mariah Fleming, longtime creative force in the Valley and link to Phoenix's early underground rock radio scene, will be featured on Radio Freedom , the guest DJ show on Radio Free Phoenix.
Mariah will play her 15 choice selections Saturday at 5pm, with an encore performance Sunday at 3pm.
Radio Free Phoenix program director Andy Olson has confirmed the addition of Fleming as a permanent member of the Radio Free Phoenix airstaff.


Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks for the nice post about me joining Radio Free Phoenix. I'm proud to be asked to join the Radio Free Phoenix family.

Listening to RFP, especially when you throw in some of the audio surprises from KCAC and KDKB, transports me back to a time that is hard to explain to people who are puppets of today's broadcasting conglomerates.

For them, impersonality, fake "local radio" and "brand comraderie" are all they know. Radio Free Phoenix recreates a long missing sense of creativity, optimism and community that disappeared when 'conscious' radio died.

Now instead of trying to explain why "the airwaves belong to the people" and why we can't let that American right be pulled out from under us, I say "listen to Radio Free Phoenx."

Connecting with Andy and Cheryl and you at Cooperstown was a fabulous way to end a great day's work. Who knew? (o: Serendipity is alive and well!!

bambam said...

Pirate Radio is alive and well.

Please (Por Favor) visit www.dementiaradio.com

We are a totally independent, not-for-profit, and free spirit rock and roll internet radio. We encourage all kinds of music and also encourage our listeners to buy what they hear!