Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Name That Tune

I've got another "name that tune" pop quiz for KCAC/early KDKB hotshots. What was the song Toad Hall closed his shows with? All I recall is the refrain, "I'd rather be havin' fun/Doing just about anything." I believe Andy Olson knows the answer to this one, but anyone who can also offer a link to where to find/buy it gets extra points.


Andy Olson said...

The song you're looking for that Toad used to play is by William Truckaway (he was an original member of Sopwith Camel) The song is Bluegreens On The Wing. The only place you can find it is on his one solo lp called Breakaway and also on the WB Loss Leader Album "The Whole Burbank Catalog". I don't believe it's ever been reissued in any way on CD, but you can hear it on Radio Free Phoenix.

Here's a link to William Truckaway on the Sopwith Camel web page that tells his story:


Jimmy said...

Yet one more reason to listen to Radio Free Phoenix! Thanks, Andy.