Thursday, May 12, 2005

John Dixon

The KCAC poster (on display in the lobby of the Dodge Theatre during the Hall of Fame Ceremony) sure was a surprise and it's thanks to John Dixon that it was there for all to see. All the fabulous items you saw were courtesy of John Dixon. John is well known and well respected for his knowledge of music. He has a long history with Arizona music, in fact he is THE recognized expert in AZ Music History.
Looking over the posters, LPs, 45s and other memorabilia was a rare treat...a real trip back in time, people loved it, and it was great of him to do that. We're lucky John took the time to bring some of his collection to the Dodge, set up the posters and other collectibles for display, and offer some of his rare and unusual 45's, LPs, CDs and compilations for sale. Arizona is fortunate to have him. He had the foresight and instinct to know what was important to save from the late 60's on. If you want to know about AZ music, or music connected with AZ, John Dixon is the go to guy. For more music info/time lines/detailed rare record info go to
Thanks to John, for bringing some of his collection to the Dodge for everyone to see. It was one of the highlights of the event. Some smart publisher would do well to peg John to write the definitive book on AZ Music History. It's obvious that no one can do a better job than he can.
- Mariah Fleming

5 comments: said...

Well at least Johnny D still has HAIR! Yeah!

Liz Boyle said...

Andy, Cheryl and I turned up at the Johhny D. birthday bash last night at the Rythym Room and celebrated into the night later at Bill Rogers' house. Rogers, a pre-Sebastian era KDKB jock, was executive producer of Johnny's last project, P-Nut Butter VS. The Vibratos. We've been playing tracks on RFP and it's incredibly good.
On their way out of the birthday bash, Jerry Riopelle and his Sweet Naomi, did an impromptu dance in the parking lot, looking an awful lot like a young couple in love. How charming to watch.
Happy Birthday, Johnny ! All of us at Radio Free Phoenix admire your passion and drive and thank you for your preservation efforts.
A recommendation to all would be to purchase the P-Nut Butter (fronted by Phil Motta) vs. The Vibratos cd. I'm amazed at the quality of rock-n-roll that came out of Phoenix circa 1965.

Mariah Fleming said...

Yep, JD does have hair-and he's one of the few guys over 45 who wears a cap 'cause he's cool, not because he's hiding a balding dome. (o:

Marty said...

I have some photos of Johnny's display. If you want 'em, send me a message
marty Manning

Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Marty,
Thanks for sending the photos-they're really cool. You got some good shots of John's display!!