Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I know! I know!

I know it! I know that one..!!

But for some reason I cannot think without a joint in my hand, a lighter in my pocket and a warm female body next to me so I am NOT going to tell ya....... nyah, nyah, nyah. Meanwhile some interesting non-musical mechanical counting on the KCAC Lives! blog: Since approximately April 1st the clicker sez we are averaging about 22 hits per day. Some of that is team members checking in, so 20 per day is a good guess for new and returning visitors. We have had 795 "hits" - almost 800 visits that we know of............ Now if there was some way to find all those folks, THAT would be a party!

.....Put your something pada-rum-tum-tum... THERE'S A LITTLE SONG YOU ALL SHOUD SING.
Nope, that ain't it. Hhhhmmmmmmm

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