Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Hello Ron: I recall KCAC, with William Edward Compton, prior to KDKB. In those days the AM station would sign off at sundown, and every day they played the same piece of music as they went down for the night. I am trying to find out what that song was. I don't recall the name, or the artist, but it was a lovely slow melody with the repeating refrain "and I bid you good night, good night, good night". Hopefully you know somebody who remembers those days, and can tell me the name and artist of that piece of music. I must have it! Thank you for any help you can be.

Hey Stephen! I am taking the liberty of posting this at the KCAC Lives! blog so it can be shared. This little blog by the way has had something like 600 serious readers this month!

To answer your question; the song you refer to is by The Incredible String Band from `The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter' and is part III of "A Very Cellular Song". I can think of no song that was more definitive of the spirit of KCAC than that one. The first time I really HEARD it, I was alone, listening in monaural, baking in a little house in Sunnyslope. The experience wasn't "gee-my hair stood on end" or anything like "oh goodness my skin prickled". For me it was a soul-shaking electrifying experience almost like sticking one's finger in a light socket.

I have to say if you experienced anything like that remotely - and in fact you REMEMBER it, you can can count yourself among The Chosen. THAT is the essence and charisma of KCAC, now in (at least) its third incarnation at

PS... For almost any song you can think of, check out Limewire.

Thank You Ron, for getting back to me so quickly.

My experience of this song was simple and profound. I was tuned in every day prior to sunset, feeling the end of daylight as this song comforted me. The experience had few words. Feeling warm and hopeful, something moved inside me in a deep personal place. I was prepared for the coming night with a sense of gratitude.

I am off now to try and find the piece of music. Thank you again. I look forward to perusing.

NOTES: Stephen connected with the WHOLE album!


Jimmy said...

If you want to buy the song legally but dirt cheap (what a concept!), go to This Russian site, which legally skirts through some RIAA loophole, sells songs for 2 cents per megabyte - for a 13-minute track like this one, that amounts to about a quarter.
For some reason, these Russkies have a ton of great albums from the late Sixties/early Seventies. Plus, you can listen to a stream of the whole song before you buy (or instead of buying, if you're satisfied with low-fi).
In fact, if you want to hear the song in question, plug this URL into your music player:

Mariah Fleming said...

Does somebody out there know another great Bill Compton piece of music called 'Parallelograms?' I think it was by someone named Linda Perhacs (sp?) The vocal has been stuck in my brain for 30 years! (o: Only one word of the vocal though...and guess which one that would be?!

Andy Olson played me the original version of 'Witchi-tai-to' by 'Everything is Everyting' last week at Radio Free Phoenix. Anyone else remember Bill playing both versions of that?

I'd sure like to play 'Parallelograms' if I can get my hands on it. Any clues would be greatly appreciated!