Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Check out the "comments"

Sometimes the best stuff on this blog ends up buried in the "comments" sections after each new topic posting. Case in point: the post below, where a conversation sparked by Mariah's ruminations about a spam sender somehow wanders off into two old buddies comparing notes on different mining claims they each own out around Wickenburg way.
So if you ever check in on this blog are disappointed to find no new posts to read, click on the "comments" links. You may drop in on some conversations that veer totally off into some surprising new tangents!

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Mariah Fleming said...

Great point, Jimmy! I recheck comments even on older posts and there are some surprises on many of them.
As a matter of fact, I've "been a miner for a heart of gold" (o:

By the way, Elvis Costello and Alain Touissant are scheduled to appear on Letterman this week. Should be quite a treat!

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