Friday, June 23, 2006

If We Could Turn Back Time...

Jimmy sure hit the nail on the head about the comments! It's so great to see them all on the page. Thanks for making that change! It makes a huge difference to the feeling of timeliness and group particpation.

I highly recommend going back through all the comments beginning with when Jimmy created this blog! The archives are full of great stuff. It's like our own Time Machine in there! This blog has had some surprising readers...and comments. There are comments in past archives that are pretty recent, too.

I discovered some truly amazing links to cherished bits of AZ history (like an entire site with newspaper and audio clips devoted to the 'Love Workshop' on KDKB in 1976!! ) It's a blast to read and hear all that stuff! Just because a topic is somewhere back in the archives doesn't mean we can't revisit it.

Wouldn't it be a kick for us to go back thru and pull our own favorite topics from the archives and post them up front again? Or if you've commented on something way back when that got lost in the mix, put it up again! It's all about the comments like Jimmy said...and the commentary is rich!! Whaddya all think?


Jimmy said...

There's a way to recall all the comments on one page, but without the topic posts, so it all becomes a bit disjointed. I may give it a try, though.
Also, Blogger can generate a list of all the names of those who've left comments, with links to their posts (although I suspect a lot of the same names will repeat).

Marty said...

Hey, I just got caught up and figured out the posting of the comments. It does make things more immediately complete.
Also great to have the airchecks of WEC & the link to Dylan's show. I had caught it before on XM but that's so hit & miss, ni e to have it "addressable".