Saturday, June 24, 2006

What are you listening to?

What's on your iPod at the moment? What's the last CD you bought/downloaded/stole? What's playing in your home right now? (Myself, I'm listening to ultra-loud J-Pop on my sons' Beatmania PS2 game.) Click on "Post a comment" and let the readers of this page (all three of us) know!


Mariah Fleming said...

This evening I listened to the whole two hours of Prairie Home Companion (!) to hear Ramblin Jack Elliot in the flesh, and to hear Linda Ronstadt's new duo (billed as 'Ann Savoy and Linda Ronstadt'.) Their new album "Adieu False Heart" is on Vanguard and will be out on July 25. Ronstadt worked with Savoy and Doucet on a Grammy nominated album called Evangeline Made. Ann Savoy has donesome fabulous cajun music for years.

One of the songs they did this eve was the single from their new release which is a simple and beautiful version of the hold on for a jolt back to '66..."Walk Away Rene" by the Left Banke! The Four Tops had a hit with it a couple of years later too...does anyone remember that one?? I love the Tops but don't remember that. Ronstadt was inducted into the 2006 Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Liz Boyle said...

The last cd I bought was on Ebay for my 12 year old daughter who is delving into the Beatles, as she should be at 12.

She requested the soundtrack to "The Family Way" because, "I like Paul when he's being more classical." She also plays the Beatles beautifully on the piano.
(Thank you, God !)

I recently purchased the entire Monkees tv series from Columbia House on VHS, and as 10 and 12 year old girls who don't watch network or cable tv, they are having a blast watching it this summer vacation. (And yes, the cuteness of Davy Jones seems to transcend the decades !)

I've been enjoying new music from Ben Folds, Al Stewar, and Ray Davies, and cool old stuff I'm hearing for the first time from Phil and the Frantics, on Radio Free Phoenix.

Liz Boyle

Mariah Fleming said...

Hi there Liz!
Speaking of was our son's birthday today. Last night we bought two Bela Fleck cds for him: "Live Art" by Bela and the Flecktone's and "Music for Two" (Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer)

That was as a memento of when we took him to see "Music for Two" last November. He got to meet Bela afterwards and talk music (I had the good fortune of getting to know Fleck many years ago-he is an extraordinarily talented and humble guy.) Our son hadn't ever heard the Flecktones. Wait till he gets a load of Future Man!

I'm not surprised that your girls are enchanted with Davy Jones...we were too at that age!

TRUTH OR DARE: Who did you have your biggest crush on during "the British invasion"? (You too, fellas...fess up!) Personally I never completely got over my crush on Paul McCartney. (o: