Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Rebirth Staffer Found!

Aha! We did it! We found another Rebirth staffer! Mariah and I were talking (well, emailing...) about Rebirth, and she did a web search for Leif (G.), Joe and Michelle's son. Found a MySpace site for a band with a Leif (G.) in it, and I sent a message. Leif passed it along to Michelle, who now goes by her first name, Orlena, and she just sent me an email, to which I promptly replied, and among other things suggested she visit KCAC Lives and leave us a note. Hopefully she'll get around to that soon. She had some sad news, though: Joe passed away earlier this month from cancer complications - he'd been living in Phoenix, too... so close yet so far away.

Peace to all who enter...



Mariah Fleming said...

This is so cool...glad you posted it on the site too!
Think good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Daniel,

We find one, we lose one, and the beat goes on....Brothers and sisters slip into the fog of time and we stay a bit longer in the light of their memorys...We become scattered members of a community that made a difference in our times of youth and vigor...With age comes responsibilities that temper our burning desires and demand we pay attention to "adult"
issues. What do we lose in living long, what is gained in dieing young ?...In our prayers we ask for enlightenment from a Little Willie Sunshine and wonder why the dark vader invades our dreams of the future. Indeed, the music of the masters gives us peace of mind when we cannot find it in todays culture and politic....Great blessings come from small acts of creativity, silly songs take on great meaning as the media of now makes meaningful life a messy miasma of noxious nervousness...Imagine all the people living in this World...who cant, give peace a chance.

I can only imagine that the Creator created this web we communicate through for a higher purpose, for us survivors of previous culture wars to find peace with one another and share our tears and triumphs with future generations. Thus we write....

Yes, thanks for the memorys...

Bob Gately

Mariah Fleming said...

Your post was beautiful. I loved reading it.

Do you remember that Bill Compton married Joe and Michelle Garneau (Leif is the son to whom Daniel was referring) when Michelle and Joe were living at the Rebirth commune? Bill was an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church (I believe that was the name of it.)

I am sad to hear of Joe Garneau's struggle with cancer and recent death. But I like to think that Bill, Toad, Lissa, Joe, Vince and others we have lost along the way are together in pain free peace and harmony...knowing love we cannot yet imagine.

We were all so young, but we didn't know it then. And I supppose we are all young now and don't know it too...it's a matter of perspective.
A friend of mine explained life this way:

"Do the most courageous thing imaginable.
Live honestly, without manipulation or attention seeking. Come from the heart, the rest will follow. You will then attract the most beautiful things into your life."

Anonymous said...

Dear...Its all a matter of time...We live in it and we'll all die in it, but, the good news is that we still have a bit of it..Left...Right an Always....

Blessings...Bob a Miner/Poet