Thursday, June 15, 2006

Podcasts are back!

Due to popular demand (okay, one person asked), the KCAC podcasts are returning to this blog.
Here's the first two hours of Compton's broadcast on the Fourth of July, 1970 (the concluding two hours can be downloaded here). Putting a cap on the turbulent 60's, and making a bold attempt to bridge the generation gap. Enjoy.


Fran Bennett said...

Yeah, go Bill...thanx Jimmy. I just listened to him read the Declaration and thought how if I did that today on Clear Channel or Infinity I'd be fired before I got halfway.

I look forward to checking out all the old checks you post. Very cool.

Wow, BIll Medley's " Peace Brother Peace"...I haven't heard that in a thousand years. This is gonna be fun.

Thanks again Jimmy.

Fran Bennett

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Fran!
Glad to see that you checked out the links I sent you to some of the old pages of this blog. I thought you'd have a great time meandering down the oh-so-hopeful times of the past, when radio was worth listening to (newsflash!!...check out Radio Free Phoenix which is fabulous and has taken up where KCAC/original KDKB sadly left off.)

For those who haven't figured it out (o: the post above is from "Aunt Fran" whose site I discovered while searching about Vince Welnick/Beans. I was so excited to find the link...the Beans cuts are a gas.

Thanks Jimmy for posting the Beans stuff on here for me. Still learning my way around posting that sort of stuff.

Hope you keep in touch with us, Fran!
Mariah Fleming

Mariah Fleming said...

Check out Andy Olson's post under the Beans link about Fran Bennett.

Anonymous said...

It was never about personalities,... it was performance that ruled those days.

With copious tears, we listen to our Brother Bill celebrate the 4th of July ,1970....With respect for the performance we write, right now. Dear Bill, such a lovely gift you left us with.

We wrote;

Ah...William Edward Compton, towering over
the politic, retoric of the Ruling Class, A Blessing
from times much like our times...needing to declare, Victory,
our independance from those who would be, our King.

It is indeed, the responsibility of the governed
to decide how our elected Leaders will lead us into salvation,
Govern the multitude that is now America the Beautiful...
home of the brave, land of the crying, Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
What it to be...into...Eternity....?

Whats in the Wind ? Which way it blows..
Stinking Oil or Aloft on Solar Sails...Flying into Sun Power...Wax wings melting in the hot winds of politicians, playin to the Way Right Wing....?

Philosophers wonder, ponder on the Why ?...Point to where...its fair to say...
Dear...another day for Declaration of Inter-Dependance...
has arrived...Now...over every media this amazing Document must be read....again & again & again... Endlesly repeated, earnestly accepted for all the World to hear...our most Powerful message to the Universe, By Divine providence...
Our Humanity demands the Peace on this earth this Declaration declares, possible...Amen.


Mariah Fleming said...

Beautifui, Bob.

vagabondvet said...

And amen.