Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Beans

Check out Aunt Fran's website. She has audio recordings of some early Beans records and an early flyer. Fran says she worked for Phx's underground station way back then. Here's the link:


Andy Olson said...

There's a great Beans publicity photo on Fran's site also. Those who remember the Storm, KSTM will remember Fran as Frank Bennett. He took over the morning show after Mary McCann left in 1983. He got his start in radio at KCAC, gophering for Toad every morning, pulling records, answering phones & making coffee. His first KCAC airshift came as a result of Toad not showing up one morning.

Mariah Fleming said...

I was trying to recall hearing a Fran Bennett! Glad you cleared it up, Andy...and as usual you are a wealth of info! Very cool!

Marty said...

My first shift on the air at KCAC involved Toad supervising me on a Sunday morning. He had been up all night on a trip to Jerome and was sleepy. He said" You know how to do this" and went in the office and immediately crashed on the couch. I did 4 hours unassisted, then 2 more when Hank called in to say he'd be late. Ok by me, I was getting paid! $100/month!
And of course I know Fran and remember young Frank. In the famous KCAC photo with Papa George in the front of the staff, Frank is the young blond on the right in front.

Mariah Fleming said...

So nice to hear a story about you, KCAC and Toad, Marty. Yeah, that was a labor of love for sure, but zillions of people will cherish those memories forever. Thanks for being part of it, and for helping keep the genesis of it alive.

Now there are some new memories of radio with a heart for people to talk about in decades to come because of Andy's RFP. And the beat goes on...

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Ya'all,

Just off the phone with Kent Usry and his place in the lead photo of the KCAC Crew. Marty on his left , Lynn Adams on the right, Toad snuggled up close to her...What a shot, Huh ? Who took that photo-op ?

"Como esta frejoli ?", my ole partner Stephen Squires use to say, "How you bean ?" I say the Beans went up the Tubes an became a icon for white punks on dope...Killer Pussy followed and got ignored. Go figger that it was before poyote enemas became popular. Next .

As an ole philosopher said, "Never forget what you cant remember".

Bob Gately