Friday, April 13, 2007

Miss Holley King says goodbye to Wickenburg - and Andy Olson falls off his roof!

For years, Miss Holley King (a.k.a. Keri Plezia) has hosted a kickin' rock-a-billy show on Wickenburg's KBSZ 1250 AM, one of the last genuine small-town radio stations (click here to listen to their Web stream). Now she's moving to South Haven, Michigan, and will do her last show for KBSZ tomorrow. Here's the official scoop (including that, uh, breaking news about Andy) from Miss Holley King's group e-mail:

"Tomorrow (Saturday April 14th) is my LAST SHOW over at KBSZ 1250 AM (8 am-12 noon Arizona time).
I am going to dedicate my show 'Rock-a-billy & BEYOND' to Arizona music and I will play nothin’ but Arizona tunes for all of you. From cats like: Duane Eddy, Al Casey, Sanford Clark, Don Cole, Loy Clingman, Jimmy Spellman, Frank Fafara, Henry Thome, Lee Hazelwood, The EARPS, The Heymakers, Hans Olson, Chico Chism, Bob Corritore, Big Nick and the Gila Monsters, The Hacienda Brothers, Dave Insley, Anthony Vincent and the Rhythm Dragons, Hub Cap and the Wheels, CHUCK "WAGON" MAULTSBY and HIS OLD BAND, and Tom Tuerff (just to name a few). AND Pat Roberts from the Phoenix based band The Heymakers will be visiting us . . .

I have really enjoyed my 7 years at KBSZ 1250 AM with Pete and Jo Peterson. Working with such fine folks and having the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business was a privileged experience.

I will still continue my one hour 'Rock-a-billy & BEYOND' radio show over at RADIO FREE PHOENIX Sundays at 2pm (AZ Time)!

On the 'sad news front,' Andy Olson, owner and station manager of RADIO FREE PHOENIX, fell off his roof the other day and according to his wife Cheryl, 'He didn't break or fracture anything but was seriously cut on his head and lost a large portion of his scalp. He's home now and it could have been tragic.'

Please keep Andy in your thoughts for a quick recovery.

Miss Holley King"


Tom Wright said...


Thanks for the tip on KBSZ! I've been listening all afternoon and enjoying everything from Hank Williams to Bob Wills to Patsy Cline to Elvis Presley, along with ads for the local gun shop and feed store. The best sort of small-town radio, in glorious AM radio sound!

Let's all send Andy get-well cards and wish him a speedy recovery. Mine will go out in tomorrow's mail. He's worked hard for us, let's show him some appreciation!


Bruce Frank said...

Wow... what a Friday the 13th story... even though we aint realy losin two true treasures like Andy and Miss Holley King, it just make you apreciate them more... best of luck and love to both of them. On the good side... thats quite a list of Arizona treasures to fit on one show.
Bruce Frank

Anonymous said...

THANKS for spreading the word JIMMY!
I am going to miss living in a place that I have been since I was 10 years old.
They say change is good SO I guess I'll just have to see :O)
All my best to you and yours and I will keep in touch with you and all my AZ friends.
Miss Holley King

Mariah Fleming said...

Miss Holley, what's Wickenburg going to do without you on the radio?? Glad you're staying on at RFP. Your shows are terrific.

And Andy...take good care of that noggin of yours! It's full of great stuff!! Arizona wouldn't be the same without your Andy Olson Music Trivia and Earth Shattering Factoid Brain.

You've been a beloved radio icon for dear RFP Guru, get well and take excellent of yourself. Remember, we only live once (unless we're Shirley MacLaine)

Liz said...

Godspeed, Miss Holley ! You have been one of the Valley's music and art treasures. I'm also glad you're staying on the Phoenix airwaves via Radio Free Phoenix. Folks, if you haven't listened to "Rockabilly and Beyond", it's a must. I and so educated and entertained, every time I tune in Sundays at 2pm.

Andy's wife Cheryl was telling me that even though Andy is confined to bed with serious back injuries, they busted him yesterday on his hands and knees trying to load something onto the RFP computer!!!
Half of his scalp is detached but don't expect any interruptions in Radio Free Phoenix programming!!!!

Dan said...

Thanks Miss Holley King for staying with RFP!! looking forward to the Arizona based show... Andy, hope your noggin gets well soon, it's full of good stuff!... take care Dan

Anonymous said...

We will miss you MISS HOLLEY KING
Feel better ANDY!
- A faithful Radio Free Phoenix listener

Miss Holley King said...

I was looking through a few things here on the internet and came across this from days gone by. It really made me think about the almost 8 years I spent with Pete and Jo Peterson and all the fine folks in Wickenburg, Arizona on KBSZ 1250 AM belting out 4 hours of "Rock-a-billy & BEYOND". I sure do miss being "Live". I used to wake up every Saturday morning, around 7am, head on over to the "Radio Ranch" over on North Tegner Street next to JEB Construction. Once I unlocked our front office door and turned on a few lights, I would walk across the street to the "round k" to get a coffee and a newspaper. I would "Evelyn Wood" the days news and highlights so half way through my 4 hour show at 10am I would do the news followed by the "10'O'clock Funnies" where I would pay homage in a way to Doctor Demento and play 3-4 "Novelty Songs" which “The Ballad Of Irving” was a listener favorite. I miss that we were like the neighborhood hang-out and anybody could walk in our door. Sometimes Pete and Jo would pop in with our mascot "Belle the Dog" on their way in to Phoenix to check on their horse out at Turf Paradise. Wally Storm would grace or offices with his bright smile and breakfast from the "Wise Owl Senior Center" and Daryl would come in and hang out sharing recordings and stories about the music we all loved so much. (Daryl was a card carrying member of the Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps Fan Club.) I felt like "Chris Stevens" (John Corbett) the Radio DJ from the TV Show, Northern Exposure. What a lucky gal I was. WELL, I should say what a lucky gal I still am. Here I am 16 years later still having the privilege to host “Rock-a-billy & BEYOND" I still get to share amazing music and stories with all the listeners from all over the world from people from all over the world. Yes, what a lucky gal am I. Thank you, every one out there in radio-land. Thank you for letting me share music that rocks my heart and sooths my soul. The best listeners in the world are you! "Keep on rockin' in the free world......" Thank you again and many blessings to you and yours, XxOo Miss Holley King

vagabondvet said...

Rock on, Holley! Thanks for carrying on the free form tradition!