Monday, April 02, 2007

Hello, hello... is there anybody out there?

At the risk of sounding like a Grouchy Old Fart (which I am), has anybody read my last couple of posts??? I keep them short & sweet and not too frequent (maybe once every 7 to 10 days) and they concern news or information that I genuinely think like-minded folks will find worthwhile. But lately they tend to get buried by an avalanche of other, lengthier postings that come in at a much faster rate, so I don't know if anybody has actually read mine. My last two posts (one of which has already been "archived" and no longer appears as a current item, though it's only about 2 weeks old) have generated no response whatsoever. C'mon, folks, a little acknowledgment, a little feedback, would be appreciated. Or is it just that our circle has shrunk to a few hard-core posters? I hope not! This is supposed to be about communication, sharing, network-building, and other good stuff, Let's hear from all of you!

Tom (GOF) Wright

9 comments: said...

Gotcha, Tom. I too am a Grouchy Olde Pharte and I agree, things seem kind of quiet.

I attribute much of that to the season.... everybody's scrambling for spring and preparing for summer. I for one am paying careful attention to what you post - mostly because you are the most likely to discover King Tut's Tomb when it comes to KCAC/KDKB lore.

As for me, I have contributed most everything I can remember and boy, do we have a Bible in the archives!

Like I said before - The Song has been sung, I fear it will never be sung again. Thanks God for the archives and your work! RIAA may keep us all from singing but the KCAC Song can still be HEARD.

Sieg Heil.


Mariah Fleming said...

I really haven't had comments on my posts either. Is anybody out there?
I'm working with Kim and Ron on a new date for the Anniversary event for Bill Compton...we decided the summer was not a good idea but Sept may be perfect...could coordinate it with the next AMEHOF induction ceremony so people could have a chance to see the ceremony...and we could have our event a couple of days afterwards??? (I will be too busy to do anything prior to it.) The AMEHOF event is Sept 23. Any ideas?

Mariah Fleming said...

Why don't you repost your archived comments so they'll move back up? I think it's important to have your info up there again. said...

I agree... Tom should re-post a LOT of his work! Fact is, he is one of the few of us staying "on topic", although we all have pet peeves and gripes to share.

As far as a reunion - well, I really like an anniversary celebration but the solstice is indeed, a bit warm. So I am open. Anything that doesn't kill me... and maybe even THAT ain't so bad if I get to party like I used to!


Dan said...

Just found out about this site... I really enjoyed the good ol days in the early 70s when freeform music was alive and well on the valley airwaves thanks to Bill's passion.. Dan in Mesa

Tom Wright said...

Hello, Dan in Mesa, and welcome to the blog! I also remember and miss the days of KCAC and early KDKB and all the people involved in it. One of my goals is to track down, digitize, and permanently preserve whatever old tapes may still exist from those stations between roughly 1969 and 1978.

The recordings posted on this site - KCAC 12/31/69, 7/4/70, and 11/14/70 - come from my collection. I also have a major collection of KCAC tapes - possibly 60 to 80 hours worth! - on loan to me, courtesy of Jeff and Jennifer Crawford of Phoenix, but there are some technical challenges to overcome before they can be preserved. Any chance you have access to a working, vintage tape recorder capable of playing back tapes at 1 7/8 IPS???

If you have any old tapes or other memorabilia (press clippings, photos, etc.) - or if you know somebody who does - please contact me! My goal is to create a permanent archive, housed with The Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame, or the Arizona Historical Society, or a similar institution, and then try to find someone to use those materials to write a history of alternative radio in the Phoenix area. (An ambitious History Department grad student at ASU looking for a disseration topic, maybe?)

Anyway, welcome aboard and please keep in touch. Feel free to contact me privately at as well. Thanks,

Tom Wright

Dan said...

Hey Tom,I do have recordings from KDKB. I did some aircheck trading with Gary Pfifer a couple of years ago. the 1976 KDKB that is on KCAC blog is one of my old tapes.. I do have an old reel to reel AKAI 230D. Let me check it out and see if it still works. I also have a State Press (ASU) newpaper article on KDKB and Bill and an article from Phoenix Magazine 70s retrospective remembering Bill... Dan

Jimmy said...

I have a Teac reel-to-reel deck capable of playing tapes at 1 7/8 IPS (one of the old "sound-on-sound" varieties the Beatles supposively used on Sgt. Pepper) if Dan's AKAI won't fire up.

Dan said...

Tom, just checked out my old AKAI reel to reel and it still works! the rewind and fast forward speeds run slow but the play mode works fine.... don't know how much more juice is in the motors though Dan