Monday, April 23, 2007

Mainlining Nick Drake - The Contact High

Tom Wright's observations on the similar vibes of Nick Drake and Tim Buckley, prompts this muse.. I could have just replied to his post but I wanted to work in this picture:

Ya... Tim needs a shower and he just doesn't look right without his guitar. In fact, it looks like a mug shot from a police lineup, right?

This is JEFF Buckley, the next generation. And if you think the looks are piercing, you should here him sing Leonard Cohen's HALLELUJA!

You will cry. You will bleed.

Click the headline for the rest of this tragic story.

Thanks, Tom.


Jimmy said...

Here's Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah," courtesy of another blogger :

And here's another tune from Jeff called "Forget Her":

Jimmy said...

Two more - "Last Goodbye":

"Eternal Life":

Anonymous said...

resurection of reincarnation or whatever?

Anonymous said...

or, or , or ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? said...

"We navigate by Faith alone - we, who do not die" - Roderick Falconer