Thursday, April 12, 2007


NOPE I'm not talking about the 80 Chicanos discovered in the house in West Phoenix being held by the Coyotes for more dinero. I am not talking about the thousands that migrate annualy from Nogales.

I am talking about The Phoenix Lights in the sky. The numeous hushed-up reports of unexplainable apparitions over Luke Air Force Base. LOTS of hushed-up reports of that type RIGHT THERE IN YOUR BACK YARD Phoenicians on March 13, 1997.

Add to that encounters at Luke AFB with 8-foot-tall "shadow people" capable of leaping into the air well over a patrol vehicle. Add to that the video footage taken just last February of this year, 2007. Add to that........ well, the stories just go on and on. Google "Phoenix Lights" for an education.

Oh sure, this has nothing to do (YOU think) about KCAC and Phoenix radio but take a good look at the picture of the Living Room with Bill Compton and the rest of the gang at the foothills of South Mountain Park. Betty Thomson the artist, took some more pictures a few days after that one that showed various members of the KCAC tribe WITH BRILLIANT PATTERNED LIGHTS in the backgound shining from South Mountain. That was 1969. I am told those old Polaroids still exist somewhere.

Since then I have seen videos, pictures, read many stories and heard a few hushed comments about Unexplainable Phenomenae right there in Maricopa County.

NOW boys and girls, you have CROP CIRCLES popping up in Chandler (hello Andy and Liz?) and in Tolleson near where I worked at KRDS - way back in what - '73? Crop circles .......... Hello? Is there anybody in there? Is it time to go yet?



Tom Wright said...

Hmmm... those brilliant patterns of lights didn't coincide with the use of any recreational substances, did they? Or what about lens flare, a common result of the sun's rays coming straight into your camera lens without proper shading, leading to a spectrum of lights being recorded on film? Once again I, the rational realist, say there is a reasonable explanation for everything. Dog is alive, logic is afoot.

Did I say everything? I meant to say everything except Michael Jackson. The exception that proves the rule. Maybe HE is the alien that came down with the lights.

Tom said...

So you see - it's not a PROBLEM per se - the 1997 lights over South Mountain photographed at night - yes, were probably a lens flare from the sun.

Hell Tom, it's not MY back yard. Probably some drunk having a group hallucination.


Tom Wright said...

I saw the 1997 lights. They looked just like the dropped flares I've seen over the military training range while driving from Phoenix to Yuma. At night. Directly in line with the view from Phoenix to the southwest, where the lights were seen, disappearing behind the ridgeline of the Estrella Mountains as they fell. "Vanishing mysteriously" behind the 4000-foot-high mountains on the horizon. (It's on videotape, including daytime views of the mountains from the same vantage point.) When you hear hoofbeats in the Sonoran Desert, think horses, not zebras. Or prepare to be disappointed. said...

OK.... Horses it is, even camafloged in black and white painted stripes.

I give you the lens flare possibility on the old polaroid photo. I even conceded the flares towards Yuma, just to sidetrack heat-seeking missles. But I call your bet with the Shadow People experience and strange lights at Luke AFB AND raise you with recent sightings of huge triangular "flying wings/boomerangs" UNLESS they prove to be ours, back-engineered from captive UFO craft.

I will let the pot stand at that, Tom but you should know that I am prepared to offer worldwide coincidences on the crop circles plus a couple of chicks that I THOUGHT were ordinary biker babes back when.

Thet's a threat, if you try to drag the pot. Gawd-Dawg, indeed.

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Tom Wright said...

No further comment; I've leaving for Saturn on Monday and will be gone for most of the week. No, that's not right... I'm going to Yuma. Saturn would be preferable.

Tom said...

May your Adventure - when it begins - be as full of Wonder as mine has been.