Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Recognize these guys?

I think it was April 1970. At the Janis Joplin concert at what is now called Diablo stadium. That's Ron Harris (aka Papa Eric on KCAC) on the left, and yours truly Marty Manning in the flag shirt. We were doing a really dumb comedy routine as the Captain America Repertory Company (Chapter 2). Bob Gately was the promoter, with the James Cotton Blues Band as the opening act. I met Janis briefly backstage and she gave me a shot of her Southern Comfort with a bite of her apple as a chaser. A few months later, she was gone.

Thanks to Tom Story for the photos


Fran Bennett said...

Was that what used to be called Seattle Pilot Stadium, right by the big bend in the freeway? If I recall correctly, a portion of the center field fence was pulled down and they pulled the plug on concerts afterwards. Ah, to be 17:)

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Great concert. I remember hundreds of people on the mountains and rocks overlooking the stadium - even in those days there were po' folks disguised as hippies.

'Twas a sad thing, the passing of Janis but she didn't go alone.... there was a long string of deaths of rock stars that were "socio-political undesireables" and having a dynamic influence on society in their times. e.g. Jimi Hendrix, Janis, Jim Morrison and others including Elvis that were conveniently described as "having drowned in their own vomit". A nice little catch-phrase that nobody wants to hear. Nasty. Automatic denial.

Circumstantial deaths are pretty big-time amongst musicians. So much so that a website documenting them has been created, listed below. I have also added the link to the empty headline on Marty's story, so you can just click the headline if you don't wanna mess with the cut/paste hassle.


God (and Janis)is alive, still.

Mariah Fleming said...

What a trip down memory lane, Marty! LOVE the photo!I'm sure Tom Story has thousands of historic gems. I'd LOVE to see them all. He is a GREAT photographer and a super guy.

I was at Joplin too, and I remember it well...only because of the near riot when people pulled the fence down. It was pretty scary, I hated crowds, and something made me paranoid (!) so I left. I regret it to this day!

There were two bummer concert incidents in succession as I recall..Jim Morrison got the
AZ Coliseum closed down to rock concerts after he grabbed crotch. Also some guy took a dive off the balcony and died...the legislature went ape.

I'm sure Marty remembers those stories better than I do...well, maybe not? (o: Fran, as far as I know Tempe Diablo Stadium has always been called that. Marty??

On another note, I emailed Kim Moody about a date for us to have our next KCAC Lives reunion at Alwun in the fall. I sent some date ideas and he is going to let me know what's available for us. Get ready! Ron, are you packed yet?

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Packed? You mean I have to bring CLOTHES?