Sunday, May 20, 2007


How many photographers receive tributes from music icons, current rock and roll heroes all the way back to Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr? Annie Leibowitz leaps to mind, of course. And in the music industry, so does the name Lissa Wales. You'd all know it too, if Lissa's vibrant life had not been cut short in October 2005 after her 18 month battle with acute myelogenic leukemia.

If you love music, you'll love Lissa Wales photos. In the world of rock and roll she's legend. That is not exaggeration; just Google her to find out. Lissa photographed virtually every famous-to-mega star drummer you can think of in the last couple of decades.

Since Lissa left us for a loftier rock and roll universe, I can't count how many times people from all over the world have asked 'What happened to Lissa's rock and roll photos?" Now I'm glad to report that under the guiding hands of her loved ones, Lissa Wale's website at has been lovingly updated and features a really cool 2007 "Lissa Wales Tribute Calendar" of fantastic drummer pictures (proceeds for sales of the calendar go to the City of Hope bone marrow transplant center in Phoenix.)

For fans and collectors alike, Lissa's portfolio is the Mother Lode. Her immense collection of drummer pictures (of which only a small fraction are featured on the site so far) are rare up close and personal shots of virtually every famous drummer of the last several decades. Plus she gives an inside look at her work.

Click on one of the many images to read her entertaining and endearing descriptions of these photo shoots, as well as her comments about the photos. It's a bittersweet but truly uplifting experience to see these photos and to read what Lissa has to say about them.

Let's keep Lissa's legacy of work alive. We're lucky to have these musical fingerprints from the world of rock and roll. Lissa's photos are emotion in motion. You can have a unique piece of this rock and roll history. Check it out. These are the real deal, so rock and roll!!

God is Alive, Magic is Afoot.

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