Saturday, May 05, 2007


KCAC and the spirit thereof, was hugely involved in Political Activism. It was a different era, a different war, a different time - which recalls that old, tired saying; "Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it"

As gawdawful TRITE as that old saying is, it echos down through the years and lifetimes of those we loved, as an echo that seems to be gaining in volume by the day. Think of it as echos in an open-mike feedback loop, growing louder and louder until you can't stand it anymore. Now apply that same principal to History Repeating Itself - Deja'Vu. We DIDN'T learn from it. We sold out. We dropped our guards, assuming that a military victory meant the end of The War. Wrong.

Now, we have TWO FULL GENERATIONS of younger people who don't realize what is SUPPOSED to be theirs. National Parks, highways, bridges, private properties, inheritances, water systems and much more that is being SOLD OFF without a vote or permission from anyone - to "International Corporations" (read Middle Easterners).

For reasons we don't understand YET we got involved in a hysteria that took us to Korea, Viet Nam, etc, etc, and now Afghanistan - er, Kuwait, er, Iran - No Iraq. War without end, Amen, Amen.

Meanwhile WE (you and I) are paying for the construction of an "American Embassy" in Iraq that when completed, will be bigger than The Vatican. Be sure to request your share of the deed.

In this 4-part POLITICAL ACTIVISM HOMEWORK series you can read some of the "COMPLETELY ABSURD CHARGES" circilating on the Internet having to do with the destruction of YOUR country - not from a military standpoint - but from WITHIN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

PERHAPS this is all just attention-grabbing bullshit. But there is REASON to use REASON in your own analysis - if nothing more than to use the freedom of your own reasoning powers, as an exercise. Right or wrong, this information is being suppressed. IF IT IS NOT TRUE, THEN WHY?

In this introductory homework, we go back to repeat what was essentially the only warning we got at the time, from exiting President Dwight D. Eisenhower.