Saturday, May 05, 2007


The story of the Deathbed Comfession of E. Howard Hunt to his son Saint John Hunt - naming names, dates, places and conspiracies regarding the assasination of JFK. Sub-plots include miscellaneous Mafia figures, FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover, CIA Operative George Bush (One of two by that name) and - would you believe - Lyndon Baines Johnson.

"The Wink". See agent to the left, facing LBJ.


Fran Bennett said...

First, an excerpt from the above listing...- -

(For all of these reasons, the public stood by and allowed the assassination evidence to be SEIZED and the investigation to be CONTROLLED by the prime suspect, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Out of fear, self-preservation, and national pride, obvious injustices and tyrannical acts were overlooked based on the false hope that what was in fact occurring, was not really happening, but only being perceived improperly.

Regardless of the final truth as to the Kennedy assassination, Americans allowed one man to seize power and do as he pleased. Americans allowed one man who was a criminal suspect with a strong motive, seize ALL of the assassination evidence and supply the world with his personally selected Commission's solution to the crime of the century. )

- -...My Note:
Katrina's mess in New Orleans remains untouched while the site of the World Trade Center was clean as a whistle in six months (a Halliburton project by the way). The destroyed Trade Center steel (and all its crime scene evidence) was sold to construction firms in Kuwait, India and most notably China. The Chinese contruction firm was also building the Szechuan River Dam at the time (the largest water reclamation project in history). In sum, the evidence of the World Trade Center implosion now sits at the bottom of a Chinese dam where it will remain for hundreds of years.

More people vote on American Idol each week than voted in the last presidential election...Cheney's a clever fella. My, how things have changed...not! said...

MORE STATISTICS: Something like 40% of all the wealth (material holdings) in the world are owned and controled now by ONE PERCENT of the population of the Earth. ONE percent...

GREED is not really the motivating factor, greed can fnally be satisfied. These people WANT IT ALL - not just for the wealth but the power and control that goes with it. It just happens that it means SLAVERY for all of mankind under a relentless dictatorship. Dictatorships seem to work well if they are BENEVOLENT.

Unfortunately, ultimate power corupts, ultimately. The spirit of Caligula exists behind such dictatorships. Somewhere near the very center of that inordinately wealthy one percent, you will likely find - in my opinion - The Antichrist.


Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Campers,
No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth though it was dicey for awhile (o: It's great to see so much activity on the blog! Right on! (too bad the word 'right' has been co-opted by insane politics.)

So much to read, and think about. Fran, what's your source on Katrina/WTC? I'd like to read the whole text from info you posted. Fascinating and disgusting stuff.

There's a great but creepy book by Scott Peck (famous for "The Road Less Traveled") called "The People of the Lie." It's 20 years old, and very disturbing. Speaks to the existence of conscious evil that's pervasive in society.

I've sent it to a few people over the years and they are always dumbstruck. I'm waiting for his second stab at the topic with a political bent. God knows (o: there's enough material to draw from.

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintained their neutrality." Dante 1265-1321