Saturday, June 04, 2005

What a treat...

What a treat it is to be connected to y'all who have indeed shared the evolution of our common cultural evolution in this Valley. Kudos, to us all.
Kick my ass for the past ,but assure me that we are still on the path to some kind of enlightenment. We all get the Willies when wondering what's next and why we even care. Must be something in the waters of wonder that keep us connected and concerned, or just a matter of Mind.
KC the AC/DC of our past must poist a energetic question that demands an answer. Who are we...where we coming from, whats our next destination ? I am not so presumptious as to assume the total awareness of this important question, I would ask all of our community to contribute to the solution of our universal condition. Come on, speak up, tell us of your concerns, fears, desires for tomorrow...Let me know where your coming from and where it is ya want ta go.,..I will respect your opinion and put it in our Play on Words, as it were.
All of you have participated over the years in our ,Way Up-West , future, writing of this play ,and I wish your Words to be heard. Speak to me now of your vision for the Next World we would like to be presented, on the world stage.
Thanks for the forum to present our ideas...We will look foward to your response.
Bob Gately

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Jimmy said...

It is great to see the people who've lived through the era celebrated in this blog connecting again. Even greater are projects like Bob's, which (as I understand it) is aimed at forging new creative output out of such connections. It's exciting to think what all these adventurous and only slightly blown minds could come up with together, and I hope this page, by serving as a free-form meeting place, helps facilitate such collaborations. Old farts rule!