Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cowboys on Mars? UFO's / lights in Cave Creek?

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Cool! I haven't heard anything about this - so news media is not covering it as they did the previous "lights". Thank you for sending!
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Since 1999 especially I have been appalled at the deception of the population and the dumbing-down of the people. INCREDIBLE manged news/programmed ignorance. In my opinion, the lights may be connected either to a sort of spiritual/dimensional entity. BUT they may be a totally geological manifestation of huge stresses within the earth - "St. Elmo's Fire". This has been observed prior to earthquakes, usually within weeks.

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freespeak@gmail.com said...

Ya know, the more I think of this, the more I lean towards a theory of LASERS at play.

Temperature inversions - usually close to the ground, can create a mirage. I just betcha that one really crazy guy with a really powerful laser, could project a really interesting pattern of lights up in the sky where the inversions take place. Same with the South Mountain lights.

Just thinking. Gotta go now, me and xifrill are gonna go eat some burros or something tonight.