Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Chester Leo Helms
August 2,1942
June 25,2005
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redrocks said...

June 25th 2005. The place was the Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville California. Some of you will know this place as the Hog Farm. The occasion was the Kate Wolf annual Folk Festival hosted by Wavy Gravy himself. It was about 9 PM when Wavy took the stage and announced the loss of his dear lifelong friend Chet Helms. It was a touching and heart warming tribute to The legendary head of the Family Dog. It is hard to quantify the importance to the counterculture of people like Chet and Wavy. We all had some time for reflection and shared the loss with all of Chets oldest friends there that night. Wavy had many tales about the old days and the good times.
Now it is time for us all to reflect on the current situation which is so reminiscent of the 1960's. Again we face Corporate greed and the undeclared social war on all things that do not maximize profits and concentrate the wealth and power into the hands of a very few.
I tell you truly, this is the time of crisis. The distractions from the facts, and the lack of remembering lessons learned then, will come home to roost if you do not pay attention. Visit: democracynow or freespeech.org

We old hippies have watched, and we see the truth. Mass media does not hypnotize us. Reality and the prospects for our descendants on this world, demand that we notify all of you to look at the true situation and decide where you stand. visit: indymedia.org

Stuff or Life, your choice. Good luck.

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