Saturday, June 04, 2005

Song o the Day...Hey Space Cowboys ...

Hey Jimmy..I jumped up out of my seat and started shaking my booty to this favorite Little Stevie Miller classic that was my earliest inspiration for Cowboys on Mars ?
...Now, does anybody remember The Steve Miller Band opening at Aquarius SW at 28th Street and Thomas in 1969 ? There was a kid working for us that gave Steve a 2500mike tab of purple owlsey before the second show...As I recall it, Steve went on and did about 45 minutes of "Livin in the USA" with some lyrics that we're not on the album. As Wavy Gravy said, "If you remember the sixties, you wasn't there". If anyone does remember that show please share as the fog of time has blurred my memory.
Thanks again, Jimmy for the Blast !
Bob Gately 


Jimmy said...

Bob -
I don't remember that show, but I do remember seeing the Steve Miller Band at Big Surf. For a couple of years, the country's original wave park exercised the cool idea of throwing big-name concerts on the sand while the water was drained for the winter season (I also saw Elton John, circa "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," Jim Croce and others at Big Surf).

Marty said...

I was just at Big Surf the other day doing a remote and thrilling my young assistant (age 18) with tales of seeing Pink Floyd and Dr John the Night Tripper at Big Surf, as well as John Stewart and Goose Creek Symphony. The last 3 were all there on the same festival bill, while Pink Floyd set up what may have been the earliest surround sound system and literally played circles around us.