Thursday, June 09, 2005

KDIL, anyone?

Anyone remember this station? In a comment posted elsewhere on this blog, Azmtbear writes, "KDIL was a freeform, smart, and very wacky Phoenix pirate in the 1970's, with a rich history. A couple broadcast legends were involved, one of whom is apparently behind the website. Good thing the statute of limitations expired. 8o)."
It's a seriously wacky web site, to say the least, and makes me wonder how much of the "rich history" mentioned on the pages is made up. Does anyone out there remember this station from the 70's?

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I could not find a streaming link but I did look over the site. If I had DSL I would give it an ear and I firmly intend to do just that, when someone sends me a few hundred bucks. The site is obviously an occult introduction to Christianity and anyone listening to KDIL risks pregnancy. The dude offering to kick himself in the head for 25 cents deserves at least a buck, I know he will tithe from that. I would say yes, let's contact Halliburton and get them to advertise on the station and become a financial supporter. Hell, I got a few bucks I could PayPal myself. In fact I think I WILL PayPal some bucks to myself in honor of KDIL. If I keep doing that, I will feel better and better each time. Maybe it will become a movement. A DIL-dough movement where we can all do it, by PayPal-ing the same ten bucks in a DIL-dough circular experience to the point of (ready?) DIL-dough orgasm and final, spiritual enlightenment.

At least there is creativity involved yes, but indeed, There Is Nothing New Under The Sun.


Azmtbear said...

KDIL is a bit like a hallucination, it's true. Now, I'll be leaving the country for a few years, TTYL!

Liz Boyle said...

I remember hearing talk about KDIL, as a kid.
There looks to be a picture of a very young Jim Nelson, aka Tony Evans at the bottom of the website.

What's with all the Satan stuff ?

Liz Boyle said...
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Liz Boyle said...

I wonder how much the kid with the sign charges for self inflicted stigmatas ?

Marty said...

Ahhhhh, the sweet pirated air of KDIL. KDIL has a rich history, most of which would incriminate someone or another, so we probably should leave names out of it, except for perhaps Jack Cheese & Jack Stage. Suffice it to say, any station that lists Walter Brennan, Killer Pussy, and the vocal stylings of Jack Webb on its list of albums would be a ratings monster if unleashed on the general public, so don't tell Everyone.