Sunday, July 13, 2008

James McMurtry show July 19th

Just announced: James McMurtry, Saturday July 19th, at the Last Exit, southwest corner of Southern and Priest in Tempe. Best working songwriter in America today, and also responsible for some of the finest protest songs since Mr. Zimmerman reinvented the form 40+ years ago. You can probably find videos of "We Can't Make It Here Anymore" and "Cheney's Toy" on YouTube if you want to check him out. Contact the Last Exit at 480-557-6656 for more information.

More KCAC tapes are on the way. Ron Wortham, Hank, Marty, and Toad make appearances along with Bill. Several of the tapes are from Spring 1971, whereas most of the tapes I've previously digitized seem to be Summer 1970. One of the tapes has speeches from an antiwar rally held at the Arizona State Capitol on the first anniversary of the Kent State shootings. Anybody remember this event???


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Jeff & Jennifer Crawford said...

We have a interview on video with Floyd Ramsey that was taped on April 7th, 2007. He covered his whole history in the Arizona music business and A/V Recorders and Ramsey Records.

Maybe some how it can be posted on YouTube at later time.