Monday, July 21, 2008

AMEHOF's 2007 Induction Ceremonies


Noel promised readers that he'd post a notice when the videos of AMEHOF's 2007 induction ceremonies were posted on their YouTube page, so here it is. Have a great day!



The Cheese Man said...

Noel-Excellent job on posting the additional tribute videos. I haven't started watching them yet, but will now.

Randy Cheeseman

Terri Sussman said...

Hi all,

We have both the 2005 and 2007 Induction Ceremony video tributes online now. These videos were a labor of love for many volunteers who researched and wrote the bios, did the voiceovers, conducted the interviews, filmed the interviews and performances, did the editing and production, and then uploaded them to the internet.

We are working on the credits for each video and should have that information available online soon as well.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed compiling them. Soon, the DVDs from both ceremonies will be for sale on our website, which will include musical performances and presentation and acceptance of awards.

Thanks for your support.

Terri Sussman
Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame

--Colin-- said...

Did anyone see the PBS series about Arizona in the 50's, AZ in the 60's and most importantly, AZ in the 70's? The one in the 70's devoted a lot of space to KDKB. There were pictures of Helen, Linda, Bill Compton, etc. Interviewed Bob Boze Bell and Russell Shaw.

I didn't see it so if anyone knows if it will be aired again, I'd really like to know. Perhaps a copy can be purchased somewhere?

Colin Bosch

Tom Wright said...

Hello Colin -

Channel 8 typically repeats these programs many times, especially during pledge weeks. I don't know exactly when it will air again, but I'm sure it will show up.

The show is not available for retail purchase, but you can get one with a $60 donation to KAET at For a $100 donation you get three DVDs: Arizona in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. You can spread out the cost over 5 monthly payments, so even if you go for all three DVDs it's only $20 a month for five months (and the entire donation is tax-deductible). It's a pretty good deal when you look at it that way. Or just go for the 1970s DVD for $12 a month. Either way, you get some fine material to watch at home, AND you help support the TV station that honored KCAC and KDKB with such a prominent role in the show.


Marty said...

Hey, what am I, chopped hemp? I had a lot of fun being in there too ... To order a DVD go to