Thursday, July 03, 2008

Blues at the Rhythm Room Friday July 4th

The Jackie Payne and Steve Edmonson Band will be putting on a different type of fireworks show at the Rhythm Room on the 4th of July. This is fine blues band that is getting lots of national acclaim. Here are some excerpts from Living Blues magazine, October 2006:

"Veteran R&B singer Jackie Payne and versatile West Coast guitarist Steve Edmonson share a vision for a blend of deep soul, gospel, and many blues styles... Payne's edgy and emotive voice calls to mind the heydays of O.V. Wright and Bobby "Blue" Bland... Edmonson's chameleonic guitar work struck the necessary balance that makes 'Master Of The Game' [their 2006 CD] such a fulfilling listen."

Check out some youtube videos at

And yes, there's an Arizona connection: Steve Edmonson is the son of Travis Edmonson, a Nogales native who became famous as half of the 1960s folk duo Bud and Travis, and who later recorded with fellow Arizona native Katie Lee. Travis is 75 and confined to a wheelchair, but he will be there cheering his son on at the Rhythm Room.

Sorry for the short notice - I just found out about this gig earlier today. Hope to see some of you there,


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Handy Paul said...

Tom--Thanks for the above tip. I was unable to make it that night, although I did check out your youtube links. I'll be back in San Fran later this month so will get to see them then. Paul

I'm going with 'Handy Paul' as my screen name, to get away from the 'anonymous' title (that was just too lazy, even for me), and in case there are any other Pauls posting. 'Handsome Paul' definitely does not fit me. :)