Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vern and Craig, Ho!

From Russ:
I can't seem to log in to the KCAC Blog correctly but for a change DO have a post that may be interesting. Almost all of the Love Workshop shows are now available for downloading at this URL:

If you could post that for me, I would really appreciate it.

WHY, THANK YOU RUSS! Great link. Here's to when 'cutting edge' humor meant twisting the knife deep into the "sacred cows" of the decade. "Vern and Craig - Craig and Vern" Between them, two minds that expanded WAY over the edge. I vividly recall marveling at Russ's unabashed hilarity while doing "Snacks." It was something to behold.

I was an unwitting passenger on their runaway train and participating in the bit was equal parts appalling and funny. Mostly I remember saying to myself "Oh My God, these guys are going to have us eat the baby!! What have I gotten myself into?!"

Well, whatever it was, I'm all the crazier for it and will always be glad that I was there to share the moment.

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