Saturday, July 14, 2007

From The Bone Mama!

This comes from longtime AZ radio treasure and Internet broadcaster Mary McCann:

Thank you friends and family for keeping the Internet radio business going! This Sunday, July 15 threatened to be the day the music died when the bill would come due for outrageous copyright fees but because of the pressure on Congress, pressure from your phone calls and emails, SoundExchange appeared in front of the House Commerce committee yesterday and said that webcasters can keep streaming while negotiations are being hammered out. They will not enforce the new rates, at least not yet. We’re not out of the woods but at least the woods are no longer on fire. You did it with your calls and letters. Thank you.

Sound Exchange exposed their hand this week when they made a small business offer that was good for a mere 18 months and had the stipulation that we not seek redress in Congress. They are afraid of you. They want to shut down the small guys and let the big 4 record companies make private deals for this rate with the RIAA. When they make private deals the 50% of the money that goes to the aritst goes out the window and 100% goes to the record companies. Sick shit. The issue will continue to haunt this industry until they change the law that is why the Internet Radio Equality Act is crucial so please continue to call your congress people especially your senators.

We stood up together and made a difference. Your calls and mail made a difference. Thank you!

Yes, God IS Alive. Magic IS Afoot

Mary McCann, "The Bone Mama" is (naturally) doing some really cool stuff. Here's some info: Mary's BOOK, "Noisy by Nature" has been added to Scripps College, Denison Library Special Collection, Claremont, CA; University of New Mexico Special Collections; The Sackner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry, Miami Beach, FL.

Mary McCann, "The Bone Mama"
"Ad astra per aspera"

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