Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good News Tonight Show!

Well, the Tonight Show question was answered by the scads of responses I got on my other web page. Score one for the Tonight Show! Every response about them was positive! Good to know! Now lets encourage them to have more songwriters like Bright Eyes on to perform 'controversial' music. Richard Thompson's new one "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" is an outstanding example of great music that needs to be heard.

Did Neil Young ever do his anti Iraq song on any late night show? Anyone know of any performers who have done controversial songs on tv? Or for that matter, of any that are heard anywhere except on internet radio?

It would be interesting to keep track of how the climate is changing politically. People are speaking out a lot more now on the news. Maybe it will spill over into the entertainment area of tv and radio? Lets face it, the news is not very damned entertaining no matter how hard they try to make it so.


Tom Wright said...

That sucks! All the more reason to support Internet radio, check out independent music catalogs like Miles of Music and Roots & Rhythm, network with other music fans online, check out artists' websites, and go out to clubs and shows!!! Who really needs record labels, commercial radio, or big-scale promotional efforts anymore? There are other ways to find and appreciate good music. I've already raved about Andy Hersey, Richard Thompson, and Ivo Papasov on this blog, but there's also folks like Elvis Perkins, Lonesome Bob (who puts posers like Shooter Jennings to shame), Slaid Cleaves, the Hacienda Brothers, Dave Alvin, Linda Thompson, Neko Case, I See Hawks in L.A., Shurman, and God knows how many fine local talents that are there for the finding. By all means, supply your own lists here on the blog and we can turn each other on to some fine music that Jay Leno et al. wouldn't give the time of day to!

Mariah Fleming said...

Since I posted that on myspace I rec'd scads of mail saying it wasn't true. I am glad to know it isn't true. So I am taking it down. After all this is the show that let Conor Oberist perform his anti Bush policy song when it was very unpopular to do so.
I am glad that it got cleared up. I hope the practice never begins and after all the mail I got, I am pretty sure it won't ever happen.

Tom Wright said...

Well, OK! I stand corrected as well. But my diatribe is still mostly true. Network TV and corporate radio will rarely provide that critical link between an artist and an appreciateive audience - but there are other ways to make it happen.

I should have also mentioned local bluegrass band The Breadwinners, who play at The Loft (northwest corner 5th & Mill) every Tuesday night. They play the old-fashioned way, grouped around a microphone with each player stepping forward for their vocal or solo. Banjo, guitar, fiddle, and stand-up bass. Two women, two men, all four terrific musicians. What more could you want in downtown Tempe on a Tuesday evening? Support local music!


Liz said...


Conor Oberist, of the Omaha, Nebraska band Bright Eyes, has an Arizona connection.

His first drum teacher was noted Valley drummer, and my dear friend, Kevin Kennedy.

Kennedy drummed for Blue Shoes, Captain Trips and Trout Fishing in America, among other bands. Captain Trips was featured on Arizona Sounds Vol. 4

Kennedy, who was among the world's elite, few drummers considered to replace Keith Moon, was a victim of suicide in 1998.


Mariah Fleming said...

Wow, interesting and sad never cease to amaze me with all you know about rock and roll past and present...and sometimes future! (o: