Thursday, August 02, 2007

Love Workshop on KDKB (circa 1974-1976)

The Love Workshop tracks linked in the preceding post are now available in handy-dandy playlist form. Click any track below to play (if you dare!).

In the near future, we'll be working on an audio page where all the archived recordings can be found, played and downloaded without a lot of searching around.


Tom Wright said...

I'd forgotten how truly offensive and outrageous these programs were. In a good way, of course. Thanks for posting these politically-incorrect gems! Next up: anybody got "Bunkhouse Capers" on tape??? (I think I have a single episode preserved somewhere on an old 5-inch reel. I'll try to dig it out in my spare time, which should begin any year now.)

Mariah Fleming said...


I'll bet you two would have laughed at the one where I pretended to be Shirley MacLaine back from her travels to Red China.

Why? Well, in the ad she said the only thing that peasant women in Red China really wanted was their own women's bank.

What do you mean "what's 'Red' China?"

I know I said I was a feminist in the 1970's. What's so darn funny?! Well, it was a matter of degree!!

No, I don't remember how Vern and Craig got me to read such "tasteless, sexist, demeaning, politically incorrect" copy! I guess because It was a different time!

Well, a sense of humor was as important as a sense of right and wrong! Oh, 'hardy har har' yourselves! Yes, I am glad to hear that you know about Mark Twain!

Well, yeah. as a matter of fact there really WAS an all women's bank. On the East Coast. Huh? OF AMERICA!!

No, the feds closed it down because of embezzlement. Yes, it WAS funny!!

Honest opinion? Why sure!!

Oh. so the only part of the ads you liked is my "sickeningly sweet-voiced jingle"? No, I appreciate your honesty. But doesn't that balance out the crude hilarity of the rest? NO?!

Therapy?! For me?! I WAS in therapy, that's how I developed my sense of humor!

Dear God. please don't let them recognize my voice in the one where we ate the baby at Circle K.

Bruce Frank said...

Fuck a bunch of politically-correct...
Thats some funny shit right there.
In a world where truth and freedom is
valued and practiced... deceit [PC] and repression ain't got a chance.
I feel repression CAUSES obsession ... ands when the natural flow is blocked... it will find another, perverted, course to take...
like eating vegetables, sure its a good thing... but its hard getting them back in the wheel chair!
Heres wishing
Love and Laughter
to you all
Love Ya's
Bruce Frank

Scott said...

Damn, this is some great shit.

And that's coming from from a professional, who wrote radio comedy slag for years.

I'm not from Phoenix, but somewhere in the fuzzy cobwebs of my mind, I seem to have heard of "Vern and Craig" somewhere before. Did Dr. Demento ever play any of their less scathing material??