Saturday, September 10, 2005

NPR or GWB??

Mariah Fleming said...
Appreciated the thought provoking column by Greg Palast. But I'd like to put his anti NPR comment in perspective.

The Bush administration has pillaged both National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Television.
While there are still many conscious, non corporate journalists working among those myopic Bush people, the reigns of public radio and television are now in the tight fisted grip of right wing cronies of the Bush administration. Sound familiar?

So of course these "freedom in media" hating shills send someone who will appear to be appropriately thrilled to see the POTUS making his appearance 1700 feet above the toxic bowl of gumbo that is now what's left of New Orleans.

Instead of dumping on NPR, maybe the point of Palast's article would be better served by informing his readers about what is happening to public radio and tv in the land of the free and the home of the betrayed.

We need to support public radio and television. The honest, informed people who are still in it are barely holding on to their jobs, hoping against hope to make a damn bit of difference in spite of it all.

Better to confront the idiocy rather than condemn it. Let's hope that's another column...

7:11 AM

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Anonymous said...

Scary isn't it.........that one man and his administration can summon such devastation through a hurricane to kill all of those poor people of color.....

shameful, outrageous even. just imagine what he is going to do with the public arts. rate right up there with what those other presidents have done........NOTHING.

time to stop placing folks on the right or left or party affiliation and start judging them for the quality of their character not whether or not they align with the "proper" side.

personal responsibility is alive and well for those who wish to step up and take part.