Friday, September 16, 2005

Anon and on (Re: NPR or GWB?)

I just read a post from 'Anonymous' in reply to the "NPR or GWB" post. It said I was "whining" about Bush-and that I was assigning Bush "omnipotence" by implying Bush "can summon such devastation through a hurricane killing all of those poor people of color!!" In the very midst of composing my reply, suddenly that post was deleted and another appeared. Wow, talk about omnipotent powers!! Anyway, to quote a wise man, "I know you think you understand what it is I said, but I'm not sure you understand that what it is you think I said, is not what I meant!" (=:

In the deleted post 'Anonymous' asked me: "What are YOU doing to help the planet besides whining?'' Good question! Certainly not enough! But, for one thing...I am signing my posts (o: As Bill Compton, the guru of goodness would say, "Peace!"

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Hey Mariah...

For what it's worth I have several blogs up now. One of them is KATRINA REFUGEES CONNECTION which has received well over 1,000 hits so far.

The site has been hacked. Probably by novices who are just happy to disable the email posting, which they have done several times.

Not to be overly concerned Mariah. These types of personalities never raise their site beyond an imaginary and secretive "confrontation" where all they can do is take sneaky pot shots at real people. Inevitably, they self-destruct in one form or another.

Encourage them to find their future.

Ron Wortham

Mariah Fleming said...

Well said, Ron. (o: Peace in the neighborhood!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like that comment was in Louisiana 1927 --- and it doesn't appear that you have answered the question raised now have you? Just what are YOU personally doing for these folks?

Mariah Fleming said...

Hello anon (o:
Not sure what comment about Louisiana in 1927 you are referering to. I wasn't in Louisiana in 1927 but some of my family were (and are among those missing from New Orleans.) The right to express any opinions about Katrina's aftermath seems, for you, to be determined by whether I've done something to try to make a difference.

So, since you insist, here's a sample of my meagre offerings that may inspire you to ask yourself the same question.

1. New Orleans Times/Picayune has a site to reunite missing persons; message boards for those looking for their loved ones; many heartbreaking and helpful stories and messages of how to help on a one to one basis contacting and connecting individuals/organizations.

2. Cell phone drive where old cell phones could be dropped off and used by survivors of the flood. The company refurbished the phones and donated the minutes to the survivors. Glad to get rid of the old cell phones and know they went to some good.

3. Money, clothing and goods are still desperately needed. Donated some stuff like clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, toiletries, small appliances and dishes... that old lesson in the "difference between wanting and needing things" is easily forgotten. Where to donate goods/$$ is still listed in local newspapers/websites if anybody is interested.

4. Am involved in fundraising efforts for children who are Katrina victims. You can get involved too if you like. This web site is good about posting info on things like that.

5. I'd like to have a zillion bumper stickers made that say "America, Love it or Lose It." That kinds of sums it up.

Feel better now? (o:


Mariah Fleming said...

P.S. There's a new local organization that is worth checking out. They've developed it to assist in helping New Orleans musicians get back to work - go to:
< > to find out more.

Azmtbear said...

Aside from being an ass, what is Anonymous able to do? Anything of service lately?

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Ron,
Your refugee website is FABULOUS!! I see that over 1100 people have connected to give housing/shelter to hurricane evacuees thru your site in Texas. That's what it's all about. One person CAN make a difference!

Hope you got thru Rita unscathed. Great to know US security is in such top notch shape. Did FEMA ever get the gasoline to you all they were promising??? Did you read the 9/11 (bipartisan) Commission Report warning that putting everything under one umbrella was NOT did the the agencies that were being swept into it from what I have read. So many radical changes...

Speaking of which, I wish the gov't would publish a paperback copy of the Patriot Act like they did about the Clinton hearings. Trying to parse through it online is migraine is an enormous load of new rules. Affects all of us so greatly it seems the press would have clamored for its full release/disclosure. Wait...maybe I'm thinking of the press 30 years ago.

"It's a wonderful world which runs by itself." (not)