Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lissa Brings the Stars Out-Thanks to Troy Lucketta and Dan Zelisko

For anyone who missed the Lissa Wales benefit Saturday night, it was truly a one of a kind event. Jimmy's article about it in the New Times summed up Lissa's spirited energy and loving reputation best. After all, how many people have a concert in their name with dozens of world renowned stars, plus videotaped get-well-we-love-you greetings from no less than Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney?!

Troy Lucketta and Dan Zelisko did a fabulous job putting it together. Lissa told me several weeks ago how thrilling and humbling it was for her to have her friends and colleagues in the music world and otherwise get such an event together on her behalf. As it turned out, Lissa's radiant face was not at her benefit concert but her wonderful spirit was absolutely there.

Lissa is in the hopsital at this time. Recovery from the transplant is a long road, and Lissa is, as always, valiant, determined and amazing. She constantly has astonished her doctors and nurses with her resiliancy. I know Lissa is grateful for all of you who supported this benefit. But more than anything, Lissa needs our positive, healing energy and prayers.

For those who could not attend and still wish to donate to assist with Lissa's ever growing mountain of bills, there is info on how to do so at Evening Star Productions, on Lissa's Caring Bridge.org site, and on the AMEHOF site (Lissa is on the AMEHOF Advisory Board, and the official AMEHOF event photographer.)

On behalf of all Lissa's friends at Radio Free Phoenix,

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