Sunday, November 02, 2008

James Taylor checks in

I liked this. James Taylor at a concert in North Carolina just two weeks ago, playing a quiet "America The Beautiful" and talking about the "movement" that he's seeing around the Obama campaign. “This represents an awakening of a spirit of responsibility and engagement that’s been missing for such a long time. And it’s really time for us to get back down to work.” Nice to see you again, JT.


vagabondvet said...

Man... I sure was thrilled to see this, thanks, Jimmy. JT's always been high on my list of revered musicians - I think he just climbed up a couple of notches! Go, Obama, go!


Mariah Fleming said...

What an uplifting surprise!. Thanks Jimmy! Like we've been known to quote on these pages: "God is Alive, Magic is Afoot." (Buffy St Marie)

Hey, did you know that at early voting sites no voter is asked for ANY identification? Just the signature is 'matched" to one on file (has your signature changed any in the last decade?!)

And if the signature on the envelope where you place your ballot does not match once received
they'll call you to verify it. HUH? the Peter Principle is alive and well in the 21st Century!

On the flip side of that, during the primary at some polling places here people were turned away who were in line by 7 PM. Sure, it's not legal, but it happened.

A theory why...Arizona's amazingly dedicated poll volunteers work from 5 am until 9 or so and get NO breaks (but hey, they earn a whopping $100! almost enough for round trip gas!)

So don't blame exhausted polls workers if they tell you you're too late to vote. Polls can be kept open later on a "case by case" basis. Moral? Pay attention, know the law and being your cell phone!

Anonymous said...

No matter which candidates gets your vote, what it's about is honest accountability. Our whole world is watching, not just people in America.