Sunday, October 26, 2008

Upcoming Show / KCAC Tapes Still Available FREE

The Corb Lund Band will be playing at the Last Exit in Tempe, southwest corner of Southern and Priest, on Saturday November 1st. I know many of you will be at Halloween parties, but come on by if you want to hear some fine rootsy music. Corb Lund is from the high plains of Alberta, Canada, and he has an acoustic but surprisingly fast-paced, energetic folk-country style. His songs combine good humor, sharp observations, and terrific character studies. This is the third or fourth time he's played in Tempe, and his shows are always great fun.

On an unrelated note: I still have copies of 50+ hours of vintage KCAC radio broadcasts crammed onto a single DVD disc, playable on any computer. These are FREE for the asking! Carole Compton Glenn has generously provided funds for packaging and postage. John Booth of Channel 8 bought the blank discs and burned the copies. The original tapes were loaned to me by Jeff and Jennifer Crawford (to whom we all owe our thanks), and I did the digital mastering to the best of my (limited) ability. If you want a copy of these tapes, all you have to do is email me off-blog with your name and address. Here's my contact information, but please note that the "@" has been replaced by (at) in order to avoid spammers and phishers who search blogs like this for new addresses to target. twright1955(at)


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Jimmy said...

Wonderful, Tom. You named my price! I'll be emailing you soon as I can pull my @ out of my (at).