Saturday, October 18, 2008

Linda Arnold has been located

Linda Arnold has been located. Her email is hanaleidragon1 [at] aol [dot] com. She is also on FaceBook.. as I am as well.

Prior to the time of KCAC Linda and Bill Compton connected. She was and is, a "hairdresser to the stars" and has done my hair a few times as well as Bill's, and a few others of the early KCAC days. She worked for a time at Heaven Haircutters on Central Avenue - about Thomas, I believe.

Linda's main function remains her social connectivity. She was friends with the Gately Brothers, all the people at the station and had many connections with The Beans and the entire choir of musicians in Phoenix.

These days she is still in touch with The Beans and many others in the L.A. circles of music and acting..... still doing superb hair work.

This lady, Bill, Hank and I go waaaaaayyyy back. It is a hoot to connect again. There are some people who just get more beautiful as life kicks them around and adds character.

I remember picking up her violin one day and kicking out the first part of "Orange Blossom Special". I didn't even know I could play.

That is her magic.

Have some.

Ron Wortham

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for the news on Linda...What a love...Have not seen her since 84 in El Aye where we went to meetings together...Oh happy day cant wait to say Hey...

Delighted that you are posting, miss your missives, always a treat...

We are living up Castle Creek at a Buddys ranch working on my biobook titled, "Showing Up" the tales of the times we had just Showing Up.
Cant wait to get to the 60's and all of you that made them times so memorable.

Pray you are in good health and are back up on you scoot.

Best regards, Ameigo.

Bob Gately