Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hola! Looking for Troy and don't miss the party!

Hola! That was actually the first word in an audition for a Taco Time commercial that I sent in yesterday. Don't know if I'll get the job, but it's nice to know that they're still asking for auditions! Anyway, the other day Kent Usry asked me whether I knew where Troy Irvine might be found, since Kent had run into a mutual friend from way back when. I sent out an APB email and got lots of interesting answers. First, that Troy was last seen leaving the ranch in Castle Hot Springs where Bob Gately is hanging out these days in "an extremely paranoid state" to quote Bob. So if you see Troy tell him to contact Kent Usry, or me, or reality. The other result of the mass missive was replies from all kinds of interesting people who did not know of Troy's whereabouts, but just wanted to say hi. Includng Tom Marrs, who remembers me better than I remember him to be honest, mostly because even at a young age I looked like Mark Twain. Still do, I guess. Anyway, Tom sent a photo and he looks much better that Sam Clemens. He also is the manager of the Icehouse, one of the leading spots in the growth of the First Friday art movement. He and others are headed to the Rhythm Room this evening (Sat 11/15) starting around 6:30 for a gathering of friends of video guy Joel Samuel, who has posted lots of great video on You Tube of old Phoenix musicians. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, since it's my niece's 16th birthday and family comes first.

EXCERPT FROM INVITE: "One week from today (Nov 15th) I will be back in Phoenix for my Party @ the Rhythm Room.
The time is from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and I really hope you can attend. Make it a point to show up and say hello.
At all my previous events I never had the time to participate in the party because I was running around producing the event.
Capturing the video was always so important to me and at the same time one of my greatest obstacles.
I was so busy producing that I may not have had time for friends who showed up specifically for me, so this will be a chance to visit.
Coming with me to Arizona is a very special person in my life; someone who inspired me to finish & create my archives and give it to the world free on

So make it if you can, and check out Joel's videos for sure. And stop by the Icehouse on W. Jackson downtown and say hello to Tom Marrs. And if you like Christmas music, tune in 99.9 KEZ . Adios, Marty

Photo of Tom


Tom Wright said...

Dang, I guess I missed the party. Greetings to everyone anyway, and I hope you all had a blast.

I still have KCAC recordings FREE for anybody who wants a copy. See my previous post of October 26th for details.


Anonymous said...

Dang but I hated to miss Joel's party at the Rhythm Room but we got stuck here at the ranch putting major front end bushings in our Explorer and did'nt finish up till well after six...Sorry Joel but we'll just have to meet you further up the creek when we're not stuck with a rattle...

Troy has indeed fallen off our radar and we pray he is doing OK.
He terminated our 40 plus year friendship two years ago for reasons I still don't really understand, but hey, he will always be welcome to return to our tables.

Thanks Tom and Carol for the CD. So far I cant seem to open it on my laptop but am working to find the program that will get me there.

I am having a grand time writing my biography here in the peace and quiet of the ranch...Just now ending the Fifties and am looking forward to the Sixties when most of you characters entered stage right at JD's and the Fifth Estate...Come on you Bloggers and write some of your tales of musically evolving in the Valley.If you were at the shows tell us your remembered memory'Isnt that what this blog is suppose to be all about?

We are also working real hard to build some prototypes of The Homer ILV, a pedal powered Independent Living Vehicle for homeless vets and others forced onto our streets. Check out our new website, and let us know what you think and if you have any ideas to further its development. We are going to need many smart people to come aboard to get this project moving from idea to Homers on the street. Any ideas are welcome.

Best regards to all,

Bob Gately

Mariah Fleming said...

Howdy fellow travelers!
Made the last Joel gathering at the RR but had to miss this party for Joel. Major bummer.

He is such a sweet guy and has offered so much to Az music over so many years. How did it go? Lots of memories, old friends, behind the scenes folks like at the last one no doubt.

Marty, good to read you on the blog. Photo's cool too! Bob, your book sounds interesting! Shoot me an email & tell me more about what you're looking for, ok?

If you happen to want an editor, I have no editing projects at the moment (except my own stuff that is NEE (Never Ending Editing LOL) and it would be a gas to help you!

BTW Bob, how was the Mill Ave Music and Arts gathering in Jerome? Sorry to miss that too!

Like Elvis Costello said: "What's so funny about peace. love and understanding?"

OH YEAH! Just remembered Costello has a new cable interview show beginning in Dec on Sundance I think. Saw some terrific clips.

Anonymous said...

Well Hey !...Its sure nice to come to the Blog and find old friends back on line...Without your posts its like, "Hola ! Is anybody home ?"

Yes, yes Miriah I could use a insightful editor as I am just blundering on with my life story's...At least I'm getting the tales told fairly well but am always wondering if the format and style is right for rock n roll...I ain't Kesey or Ginsberg but I do sound like Gately. Let me see how I can get the pages so far written out of Word and into my mail...I'm still learning this glorified typewriter...

Was not able to make Jerome myself and have not heard a word on what it was...
showing up seems to get more difficult the further up the canyon ya go. Sure hated to miss Joels gig as I too think he's a sweet guy who has given us a treasure trove of witness to the Valley's Seventy's scene....

Hey, ya'all give a ring and lets catch up...(928) 501-1234

Bob Gately

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Bob,
Sorry you missed Jerome too. I'll give you a call one of these days. Meantime stay in touch with me via email. It's always good to hear from you.