Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watch Channel 8 on June 2nd at 7:00 PM!!!

I've just watched an advance screening of "Arizona Memories from the 1970s", which will air on Channel 8 on Monday, June 2nd. The show will include a segment about KCAC and KDKB, with a special emphasis on Bill Compton. Marty Manning makes a number of appearances, along with Hans Olson, Jerry Riopelle, Alice Cooper, and the Tubes. Be sure to watch!!!



fran Bennett said...

Will someone please record this for me? I'll gladly pay for the media and shipping. I really want to see this.

Fran Bennett
San Jose/San Francisco

Mariah Fleming said...

Who can tape that for Fran? Lets make sure it gets done, I'll be happy to pick it up from whoever and take it to the post office and mail it if that part of it is a hassle for someone.

Our machine is a little squirrly lately so not sure it will come out. Tom? Marty? Andy? Liz? What do you say? If none of you can I'll check with someone else I know but she's out of town until Monday.

Tom, you've sure done a lot of legwork on this stuff for KCAC etc. You are a gem, thank you!
We should throw a party fo you and the folks who have been most involved in helping you compile this stuff...especially the wonderful folks who gave you the tapes!!!!!!!

Sherri Davis said...

Let's make sure it gets done? You should first check with Ch 8 to see if this is even legal.

Tom Wright said...

I can use my crappy old VCR to tape it off the air. Nothing illegal about that, right? It's not like we're re-distributing it for commercial purposes, or intending to make a profit off of it. Just sharing with out-of-town friends.

Sherri Davis said...

In general, all CH 8 programs have a one-year allowance for educational useage. The taping of any copy-righted program in a non-educational environment is normally strictly prohibited without written permission.

You might want to check with the KAET legal department and talk with them about copyright issues.

Be sure and mention that all your machines are either a little squirrly lately or just crappy and old. :o)

Beyond the information I've given you already, I can't offer you any other legal advice as I am no longer with the ASU legal team.

Walking on Water said...

If you watch Monday night, you can get your very own copy. They are "pledging" this show. $60 for one dvd or $100 for two. A little steep, but it does support these kind of programs...

Deb Fanning said...

good advice Walking on Water. the earlier advice recommending that KCAC/KDKB folks violate KAET copyright laws seemed out of place on this blog.

Mariah Fleming said...

Thanks for your comment about the blog. Sherri, FYI I am a long time supporter and contributor to Ch 8/PBS/NPR (as I would imagine are a lot of folks who contribute to this blog) and understand about copyright. Would like to make several points pertinent to Sherri's comment:

1) The issue was only that Fran is in California and did not have access to see it in the first place. Fran was one of the founding people at KCAC and has good reason to want a copy. I would imagine there would be no hesitation on Fran's part to pay for a copy if she knew it was available.

2) No one meant to suggest it was ok to rip off copyrighted material. KAET can help avoid the chance folks would videotape if they let the public know this (and others) will be available for sale.

3) I'm sure there are scads of people who read this site who would like to have a copy and be glad to purchase one, especially as a donation for KAET. Will it be available thru the link to KAET on the PBS website?

4) I will be happy to do a special post informing people about it if that is the case and perhaps we can help bring more pledges in for KAET.

Looking forward to seeing the show! It's great that KAET is doing so much about local history in the arts as well as historical sites etc. There is so much in music, arts and entertainment here in AZ. that many are unaware of in our history.

Thanks to both of you for checking out our site, and hope to see more of you here.

walking on water said...

here's the exact link:

Deb Fanning said...

thanks for the link Walking On Water (how did you come up with that screen name?). I just checked the link and see that a $500 donation will get you 25 copies of the DVD, which is only $20 per copy (but I'm so bad in math, you better check my numbers!).

if there are 25 of your KCAC folks that want a copy, you should get together and make one single donation. I plan on watching the show, but don't feel I need a copy as I wasn't even born back in those golden days, plus I don't have a DVD player. but I have heard so much about those days and can relate to the warm feelings that most of you have about those days.

Mariah Fleming said...

Thanks for the link and the information. Sounds like a good bet for Fran would be to call the station Mon evening while it's on and donate the $60. for one copy (I'll put the station pledge number up here for Fran (or for anybody in our nationwide community of KCAC AZ 1970''s connected readers.)

So many people from all over the country wrote to this blog and/or emailed when Dwight Tindle (a founder of KCAC) died I'm sure they'd want a copy. I'm pretty sure a lot of them still check in on this website from time to time. Dwight was also a 2007 inductee into the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame.

TOM, it's great for you to tape it for Fran, at least she'll have that if nothing else.

NOTE TO MARTY MANNING: if I can find all the emails from people who sent me their personal memories when you asked me to write Dwight's eulogy for his memorial I'll email them to let them know (and if you have time maybe you can too?)

Fran Bennett said...

My goodness, we've certainly come a long way from the old, "say, can ya run a copy for me days" :)

No worries...I've been to KAET's site and I'll just buy the DVD for $60. Thanks for your advocacy, Mariah. I saw the trailer online and saw that Marty's looking sharp these days. By the way, does Alice Cooper ever age?

Enjoy the show tonight, folks.


Mariah Fleming said...

Have a great time in Tahiti. Check out the post "New bloggers Q&A" that will give a little history of the blog and maybe answer your question about the blog administrators.

Re: your comment:
"the earlier advice recommending that KCAC/KDKB folks violate KAET copyright laws seemed out of place on this blog." I don't think the poster, Sherri, who said she was formerly on the ASU legal team, was trying to be difficult.

She comes from the perspective of a lawyer and tv stations are concerned about their shows winding up on You Tube. With the internet, the whole copyright thing has turned on its head.

If you're interested in that stuff, there's a great site about internet internet/privacy issues etc called the Electronic Frontier Foundation at Sherri, you might be interested in it too.

We'll be vicariously enjoying Tahiti...if you get some photos, it would be fun to see them. One of our contributors, Daniel, took some great shots of his travels that Jimmy posted a few pages back.

Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Well it does indeed warm the cockles (whatever they are) of me heart to see the blog come back to life with so many great posts from so many dear ole rock n rollers of AZ as it was and will always be, a community of very cool artist, activist, fans and creative types.

We do all owe a nod of gratitude to KAET Channel 8 for the killer rockumentary they produced featuring so many of our own home grown talents. Marty, Russ, Boze, Danny Z, Johnny D, Hans, Alice/Vince and of course Welliam Edward Compton, you all-stars did a stellar job of presenting our unique culture of those times for what it was, totally a trip that is still, to this day, Truckin...And, as always there was Pat McMahon hamming it up and laying down the vibes in his own dead on discriptions of the zeitgeist, the spirit of them days.
Kudos to them and us all ! :)

Yea Mariah, Jimmy, ya'all are the spark plugs that have kept this motor running and for that we are fer sure grateful for your efforts. Now, lets come up with some format that has everyone contributing a tale or two to make this blog a true history of the Valleys enormous influence on music and art internationally. With Tom and Mariah on board we have first rate historians and some gifted writers who were there and want their storys told. I for one still have some back stage goodies and gossip I'l like to share before going to that great psychedelic ballroom in the sky and I'll bet so do several of you others. Come on,lets do it !

An yes Mariah, we too wish that Lissa, William Edward and my brother Bill were here to enjoy this experience, but they are always in our thoughts and prayers and just hope that they have a big screen TV up there running 24/7 showing them that we're doing them proud by our still living today. Hey, hey...I would encourage everyone on this list to go to and read through The Roll Call (of which many of you are on) and remember with warmth or anguish the names of our dearly departed listed there in gold...I go there often to maintain the link with all those who have gone on before us and feel clensed by the tears they from remembering the times we shared.

Gotta go for now but I'll beeeee Bacccccccccckkkkkkkkk..

BobbinAlong Gately

Jimmy said...

Heck, maybe someone will upload a torrent of the show on the Pirate Bay. When did we all become so concerned about rules?

Anonymous said...

What rules are you talkin about Jimmy ? Where I'm comming from there are no Rules at tall cept us livin in the moment..Got a problem with that,Dude ?


Anonymous said...

I think "the rules" Jimmy was referring too were the suggestion of several readers that we shouldn't make copies of copyrighted materials and distribute to others, something the moderator of this site was urging readers to do.

from Anonymous2

Anonymous said...

Yeah? Those moderators are a bunch of trouble makers!!

Mariah Fleming said...

What's the scoop on Pirate Bay?

Anonymous said...

I have an article about Bill and KCAC/KDKB from the ASU State Press1975 that I would like to post on this website.. Can someone help me on how to post it? Dan Griffin

Anonymous said...


I remember you offered that article to Tom Wright over a year ago, didn't he ever get back with you?

I remember Tom was requesting memorabilia like that for creating an archive with AMEHOF or AHS, or some other group.

Dan, what format is your material in? Electronic or paper?

Tom, are you still interested in memorabilia like this, or should someone from AMEHOF be working with Dan.

Dan, this posting may be so buried that nobody will ever see it. Perhaps an email to Tom might be better?

I'm not associated with this blog, AMEHOF or AHS, so I can't really recommend anything, I'm just your average KCAC reader.


Anonymous said...

PS: Dan

I remember meeting a member of the AMEHOF at last year's 2007 Induction Ceremony and was told AMEHOF had a huge collection of memorabilia, including stuff on Bill Compton; which they are digitizing and organizing for a new museum they are about to open.

You might be better off contacting AMEHOF directly, I think you can google them and find their web site.


Anonymous said...

Robert, Dan

I was talking with Danny earlier this year and the AMEHOF museum that was original planned for the Dodge Theatre got postponed or something, so I don't think there is an actual AMEHOF museum yet. Plus it may not even end up in the Dodge Theatre.

I believe Tom Wright may be connected with the AMEHOF, so he still may be your best contact; why not email him if there is no KCAC response to your (Dan's) posting. If that fails, then contact AMEHOF directly, I looked up their URL for you and it is as follows:

Tom Wright's email is to the left at the side bar somewhere.

Anonymous Too

Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Dan,
If you can scan the article and send it to me (click on my name in the sidebar) I would be very glad to post it on the blog. What a find!!

You sent article to me once before but I couldn't open it. When I emailed you to thank you and ask you to resend the article, my emails came back.

Since that time I've had some computer issues resolved. Try it again, ok? It would be wonderful to have that article up on the site. And it was great to hear from you when you sent that to me after we ran into each other at the Wallace and Ladmo Tribute by the Citrus Valley Playhouse

Thank you!

Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Anonymous Too,
Quite a few readers have recently expressed that they would prefer it if we didn't get anonymous comments. Your comments are interesting and it would be extra cool if you told us who's writing. Seems like you've been involved in AZ for awhile and you probably have some great stories to share!
In any event, thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...


Yes, an excellent point, and I agree 100%. If you will recall, I was the very first person to bring up the subject that we should not have anonymous postings (see my post dated 6-5-08 under the topic 'New Bloggers Q&A...' I was just getting tired of seeing anonymous postings.

I originally used my anonymous posting just to make my point, and had planned on dropping it and going back to my real name. I decide later to keep "Anonymous Too" as my screen name primarily because it only became an issue with you AFTER I was critical of you trying to encourage a worthless debate with the guy from Paris.

You didn't complain when anonando posted as anonymous several times in the past couple of weeks. You didn't complain when Anonymous2 posted as anonymous in the past couple of weeks.

You are a sweetheart Mariah, and we all love you. If this group truly wants to get rid of all anonymous posters (and not just you taking a bite out of me because we have a difference of opinion on the one subject), then do what one other poster recommended a few days ago, and eliminate the anonymous check box. I just looked for that posting, and it seems to have disappeared, I don't remember who posted it. But as I recall their suggestion was to get rid of the check box, but that would still allow people to log in under a screen name if they so chose (like 'anonando', whoever that might be)

Anonymous Too

Mariah Fleming said...

OK, this is just dizzyfying (is that a word?!) We don't know who you are, and you are not wiling to let us know, so that puts us in a pretty silly situation, doesn't it?

Don't know how to remove the anonymous check box. Do you? Honestly, there's no nefarious intent here. And If you started signing your posts, how would anyone know that "you" were "anonymous too" before?

Yes, I know you wrote the post decrying the sudden glut of anonymous posters. That's one reason I specifically suggested you sign your name. Like I said, you obviously have a long history in the Valley and have interesting things to contribute to the blog.

I need to brush up on my writing skills, because with you thinking I was 'encouraging a worthless debate with a guy from Paris' WOW! I thought I was doing exactly the opposite when I employed satire in most of my posts about it. But you're not the only one who didn't get it. And you're a darn good writer. Now THAT'S not encouraging! I sure missed the boat on that one.

Wait a minute! Are YOU the guy from Paris?!

Ya know, If you don't want to publicly sign your name, you have the option to email me at the link in the sidebar. I'm interested in what you have to say but I flunked my classes in "Communicating Well With the Anonymous".

RE: "You are a sweetheart Mariah, and we all love you."

GREAT! Tell me who you are and let's all have lunch!

Confused in Arizona

Mariah Fleming said...

RE: Comments that went through the Bermuda Triangle.

Yippee! An epihany!! I can't believe I didn't think of this in the first place!!! As moderators, ALL comments are sent to us AFTER they are posted in case they are spam and we need to go to the blog and remove them from the site.

It just hit me to go thru my 'KCAC LIVES" folder! And ouila! I found Deb Fanning's Tahiiti comment so am reposting it back under the AZ Memories area.

If you (or anyone) have specific others please let me know and I can go thru all my KCAC files, find 'em and repost them. Reading so many of these all the time it gets a bit challenging to remember them all.


The Cheese Man said...


About all your comments on Anonymous Too, aren't you shooting the messenger?

Respectfully, Randy Cheeseman
New River

Mariah Fleming said...

What follows are comments that were deleted at the request of the poster, and then reposted when we realized there was a way to delete just the parts that petained to the request.

If you read all the posts under "Watch Channel 8 on June 2nd at 7:00 PM!!!" and "New Bloggers Q&A" it will help with the continuity.

Sincere thanks to everyone for their feedback, both positive and negative. It's all good.

"God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot"

Anonymous said...

When Fran requested a copy of Channel 8's Arizona Memories of the 70's, and Mariah and others stepped up to accomodate, they were coming from a radio/media mindset, not a lawyerly one.
In journalism, tv and radio, we never buy the cd, show or tickets. Instead, we get a media copy, and perhaps, bestow upon the cd, show or concert, thousands of dollars worth of free publicity.
I'm sure Channel 8 would've been thrilled to know that a 30 year media vet like Fran Bennett would be watching their show, taped copy or not.
I'm sure KCAC had some killjoy wandering the halls telling people to "follow the rules". Thank God no one listened.

Liz Boyle

The Cheese Man said...


I love listening to your RFP show when I can, which is not often since I don't get on a computer all that much. But your above rational is excellent....if your objective is to teach your children that stealing from corporations is okay, especially stealing from corporations like PBS that depend on donations to survive.

Call some of us KCAC readers killjoys if you want, but I doubt if many of the KCAC readers took Mariah's advice....but maybe I'm wrong since I see a few other comments above similar to yours. Rules? We don't need no steenken' rules.

Wandering the KCAC lives! halls, (o:
Randy Cheeseman

Liz Boyle said...

Hi Randy,

No where on this post is anyone encouraging readers to steal.

At issue was one member of the media trying to get a fellow member of the media a copy of a show about the times she lived, and helped shape.

If the suggestion of making ONE COPY for a 30 year member of the media and a founding member of the KDKB airstaff, offends your moral and legal sensibilites, I'm sorry.
Enabling someone like the legendary Fran Bennett to spread the word about the show, in this 20year Valley media veteran's opinion, only serves to help KAET.

Radio Free Phoenix also depends on donations to survive. I've donated 10 hours a week for the past 4 years. On my show alone, we promoted Arizona Memories, once an hour, for an entire week. We did this as a public service to KAET, and in the spirit of coming together to help, much like spirit of the offer to help Fran.

My objective is to teach and SHOW my children to do good in this world, through hands-on community service, animal rescue and yes, donating money to worthy causes.

I also teach them that there are exceptions to the rules.

Peace be with you!

The Cheese Man said...


Thanks for your response, I probably should just stay quiet now since you have always been one of my favorite radio personalities, and it is certainly not my intention to offend anyone, especially you. Yes, I agree that the word “stealing” was a little harsh and maybe I shouldn’t have used it. But I’m in complete agreement with Deb Fanning, Walking On Water, and Sherri Davis (I think I’m reading them correctly, if not I apologize) that the moderator of this site should not have been urging other readers to make a copy of the TV show to give to someone else. You can rational it all you want, but is it legal? Is it any more legal than making a copy of a music CD to give to a friend?

I know you are all friends, and I see how important friendship is to the readers of this blog, but it would be so refreshing to see the people involved just write, “yeah, that recommendation was a mistake…” But that’s not happening, what we are getting is circling the wagon; “KAET could have prevented this if they had let the public know the video was available for a donation,” (which KAET did), “it’s okay in this case since the copy would be for a KCAC reader,” “when did KCAC readers become so concerned about rules?” “rules are for killjoys,” “just sharing with out of town friends,” etc., etc.

I realize that this blog started out just as an email replacement for a few friends, but it’s more than that now, its a public site and many new people are reading what is being said. I’ll throw this thought out just as a suggestion, perhaps KCAC lives! should be set up as a private site instead of a public site? Then the site would be insulated from critical comments from readers like me, Anonymous Too, Waking On Water, Deb Fanning, Sherri Davis, (maybe Bob Gately?) and others that I may have missed.

Randy “Kiljoy” Cheeseman
“Wandering the KCAC lives! halls”

Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Fran,
Been meaning to reply to your posts. Hope to meet you some day. You are legendary around here. When I was doing my show at RFP it was always so much fun to hear Andy tell the stories he recalls about the people and the music from those days. Have you seen the show yet?

How cool it would be if you did a Radio Freedom for RFP! In fact it would be super cool if you, Marty, Ron, Russ and all the other people who were on-air heroes from those days each did a Radio Freedom segment! With your combined music libraries not to mention Andy Olson's, it would be quite a magical mystery tour of its own! What do you think, A.O.?

BTW Re: your post of a few of weeks ago: "My goodness, we've certainly come a long way from the old, "say, can ya run a copy for me days." No worries...I've been to KAET's site and I'll just buy the DVD for $60. Thanks for your advocacy, Mariah...."

Thanks back atcha!