Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Travis Edmonson Honored At Concert Friday May 9

Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse Celebrates Travis Edmondson
Don't Miss This One!!


'All my waking hours are in terms of music. I see it in my mind. I know when it's right, and I know when it's wrong. Everything that has a sound is music to me,' says Travis, one of folk music's greatest legends and half of the 1950's and 1960's duo of Bud and Travis. That vantage point has served him throughout his life and continues to be a great source of inspiration, despite some minor chords along the way.

In the early 1960's, Bud and Travis performed 'The Time of Man', an antiwar song written by Travis, on the floor of Congress. 'The Time of Man' was about the use of atomic energy and is known throughout the world. In 1982, Travis' ability to play the guitar was stolen as a result of an aneurysm and a stroke. 'It came as a great shock. I couldn't play. It was a heart breaker. It would have been easier not to be able to walk.'

Ironically, Bud suffered an inoperable brain tumor at the same time. Travis says, 'I was paralyzed on the left, and he on the right.' Bud died in the late 1980's. Their wonderful spirit and music will be shared on this special night! Admission is by suggested donation of $20, which will go to Travis and Rose Marie. The night's schedule includes The Santa Cruz River Band, Sue Harris, Gaylan Taylor, Don and Victoria Armstrong, Joe Bethancourt, Earl Edmonson, Chris Burton Jacome, Oscar Cisneros, Ron Iverson, and a surprise special guest or two! The concert will be held in the large room. Spread the word and bring a friend! Bring your albums! Travis will be there to say hello, it will be a very special evening.

from Fiddler's Dream

To my KCAC LIVES Cohorts:

This is truly a once in a lifetime event. Travis Edmondson's legacy is worldwide. Let's all get out there and celebrate this incredible musician whose body of work helped define the musical consciousness of a generation. Jimmy, talk about a story worth writing!! Hope you can be there!



Tom Wright said...

It was a great evening of music. Travis can't sing anymore due to the stroke, but he was front and center in his wheelchair, bobbing his head to the music, grinning and having a fine time. I wish we could all have that sort of strong, positive spirit in spite of whatever misfortune may come our way.

Deb Fanning said...

thanks for the review Tom Wright, I didn't see the above posting in time or would have gone also. would also be interested in reading what the person that put the original post in has to say about the show, the one that wrote "this is truly a once in a lifetime about a story worth writing."

Deb Fanning said...

PS to site moderator

above post from "John Hayden" is a scam. they always start with cut little messages like "your blog is great, I love it so much." then give a URL that takes you to a sales pitch. the postings are made with software that just cruise the internet looking for blogs to post an ad. if the site has an active moderator, they will get removed; if not then they stay on forever.

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Deb,
Thanks for the heads up, I removed that post. They are sneaky, aren't they? (o:

I will let you know who wrote that about Travis. I know her name, it's on the tip of my tongue but can't remember. She manages Fiddlers Dream.

Thanks! Keep reading us and posting! It's great!

Deb Fanning said...


Please don't bother tracking down any name at Fiddler's Dream for me; going back and reading the comment "truly a once in a lifetime event...etc." I see now you made that particular comment. I had originally assumed the person that wrote that would also have gone to the show. I do thank you for your kind offer.

On another subject, about the "John Hayden" scam, there is another one at the "TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 2008 Pacific Coast Photo Album" posting. Yes, you are correct, these people do seem to be very sneaky. It makes following a topic very difficult.

Are you the moderator of this site? That must be a rough job.

Mariah Fleming said...

Just had time to reread all the comments from the last few weeks. Coupla things directed to me in a comment need clarification:

Deb said: "Please don't bother tracking down any name at Fiddler's Dream for me; going back and reading the comment "truly a once in a lifetime event" etc. I see now you made that particular comment. I had originally assumed the person that wrote that would also have gone to the show."

1) My comment was written BEFORE the show based on my decades of familiarity with the music of Bud and Travis. It was not part of a review to an event you think I didn't attend. I've been told I have some decent psychic chops, but I'm not THAT good.

2) There ARE times I have trouble remembering where I have or have not been from day to day. If you have time to keep track, can you keep me posted on my whereabouts?

OK, seriously, if you do want some info about that show or any show at Fiddler's Dream, Nia is at the helm. She keeps Fiddler's Dream a gem by maintaining it's unique and important place in the acoustic music scene. She'd be the one to give you whatever info it is you were seeking. She was front and center putting the show together from start to finish.

Deb Fanning said...

all's well that ends well. yes, we've come a long way from the old "say, can you run a copy for me" days,'s copyright laws offer better protection for the people that create.

I hope this is not taken the wrong way by any reader (as this is just my opinion), but I was starting to be concerned with how this story would end when I read the encouragement by the moderator to a viewer with "it's great for you to tape it for Fran."

about your friend Alice Cooper, when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts him, then I will consider them a legitimate organization!

again, all's well that ends well, ...and I'm leaving tomorrow on vacation-4 weeks in Tahiti after a one week stop in Miami and Key West! Bye-e-e-e-e