Monday, May 05, 2008

"Arizona in the 1970s" program

Watch Channel 8 on June 2nd for the big "Arizona in the 1970s" special. I'm told that there will be clips of KCAC and KDKB audio, and a discussion of how Phoenix radio and music evolved during the 1970s. Hans Olson, Jerry Ripoelle, Alice Cooper, the Tubes, Bob Boze Bell, and Wonderful Russ have all been interviewed on film for the show. There will be many other 1970s topics addressed, of course - the Don Bolles murder, the Orme Dam controversy, the floods of 1978, the Bicentennial, etc. None of these stories will be explored at great length, since the show is designed to feature an entire decade in one hour, but it will be well worth watching.

For anyone who has been following my KCAC tape preservation project: I need a little help from my friends to get this job done within a reasonable time frame. Please contact me if you can offer any technical support, advice, or training in digital audio management during May or June. Thanks,


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