Saturday, July 15, 2006

KCAC, Early KDKB Sadly Missing from Ultimate Radio Database has become the preeminent radio data base on the web. Stations like KOY, KRIZ and KRUX have established a notable history on the site. Sadly, KCAC is non existent and KDKB is underwhelmingly represented.

On behalf of us radio fans who believe this history is important, I'd love to see you KCAC/early KDKB staffers represented. C'mon ! It's a farce that the K-Lite gang has a more established presence on the web than our beloved Phoenix rock radio pioneers.

Please consider contributing your information to this site. I hope that someone can add Bill Compton's and Toad's name to the roster.

Here's some info on the site:

Boss Jock Johnny Williams left radio in 1995 to consult, freelance and take in some Hawaiian sun and surfing -- Web surfing that is. That's when he started 440: Satisfaction as a hobby.It began with Johnny listing the radio stations that he had worked at and the people he had worked with. The initial response was so great that Johnny moved 440: Satisfaction from his personal site to (and and started 440 International Inc.By the turn of the century, 440: Satisfaction had become the radio industry's genealogy of people past and present: DJs, newspersons, engineers, sales and administrative personnel, etc. and where they are now. Literally thousands of radio stars and unsung heroes are included, with more names and their favorite stories added every day.

Keep the torch burning and rock on !


Mariah Fleming said...

Wow! You're so right that it's a crime not to have KCAC and the original KDKB on a site like that!
So c'mon legendary radio folks, let's get your history out there!

YOUR history is OUR history. The era YOU helped create means a lot to us, to AZ, and dare I say it...??? (oh heck, why not??) to the whole WORLD!

Fans of Liz's full time RFP gig will be happy to know that we can now listen to Liz's wonderful voice on KOOL FM 94.5 So when you're in the car, tune in (weekend mornings, right?)

KOOL has bagged an Arizona treasure. To hear a familiar voice from our younger days back on the same station is SO cool. Talk about a trip down memory lane!

It's a real pity that our 70's and 80's fave stations don't snap up our other legendary favorites. I guess they think everyone who lives here is from somewhere else.

Such a MYTH (not to mention a glaring marketing misread!)

JIM BAILEY said...

This is totally off topic and a little odd.
My name is Jim Bailey a native of Phoenix now living in Colorado.
Decades ago and lives away I was a friend of a woman named Virginia Norton.
Why look for her here? She was a girlfriend of W.E. Compton's in the early or mid 70's.
Yes I know this is a shot in the dark but she played a big role in my life, no not girlfriend, but I worked with her for a while on a magazine called Orpheus in '68 before I wandered off to Nam (which really pissed her off)and even though I returned to the valley and joined VVAW, I never really made contact with her again.
If anyone has any info write me at CCWEASEL51@AOL.COM.
BTW...In doing this stumbling about in the cyberdark I'm glad I found this site and radio free phoenix. Needless to say the radio was glued to kcac at the VVAW house and it's good to hear good music. In these hills we only get what the mega stations outta denver blast at us. KRIZ and KRUX may have had top forty lists back then but the LIVE, CALL 'EM ON THE PHONE DJ's were half the fun.
I do wish I could remember some of the stuff that KCAC used to do but, well hell, most of that time is just too damn 'hazy'.
Keep up the good work and thanks for any help.
Jim Bailey
Cripple Creek CO

Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Jim,
Not odd at all. This is a wonderful blog for connecting with old friends.

Maybe it would be help[ful If you go thru the archives.You may see the name of someone you know who knew her never know.

Marty Manning and a bunch of the original KCAC crew are contributors to this site, so I'd say that's a 50 / 50 of someone remembering her!

Good luck and keep us posted! Sure would like to be in that Colorado weather just about now!!

Marty said...

I remember Virginia at the old Wallich's Music City location of KCAC but have no info on her after that