Wednesday, July 05, 2006

For Free . . .

In the mood for some Joni Mitchell? Listen to this collage from a late Saturday afternoon on KCAC, long, long ago:

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. . . and part 2:

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Mariah Fleming said...

The KCAC stuff is so vibrant and alive, you can feel the energy of the people there, from Bill's laid back way to those quirky award winning commericals that (if memory serves )Marty Manning produced (quite a radio genius in his own right!)

There's shared passion and genius in ALL of it. So amazing to behold now. And like Marty mentioned at the AMEHOF induction last year of Bill Compton - in the remembering of the music, let's not forget that they had full, live newscasts, in house news related shows, even call ins.

During a time of some apathy, their mantra was "Don't Stop Caring!!" Listening to the tapes is bittersweet, but it keeps that light alive...for that I am grateful. How sad if there were no audio record of those incredible days. Thank you for posting them again. Maybe we need to keep them there as a reminder of a more thoughtful, hopeful time.

Miner/Poet wrote:
"WEC would turn Neil Young up loud and in his softly powerful way would tap out a thoughtful missive to the community that he still enjoyed and depended upon to maintain sanity.

As christianity emerged from the catacombs of a dieing Roman Empire, he too would feel empowered to participate in the transformation needed to move his small community to peace and justice through communication.

We are blessed to have his memory and activity as a guide to what we must do next to insure peace on Earth and goodwill towards all in our Universe."

Yep, MinerPoet (o: That sums it up in my book!

vagabondvet said...

Whew! Very, very moving. Joni always managed to touch that special place that lives in all of us - as did Bill. They were kindred spirits. "You are a holy man, on the FM radio..."

Thanks for the wonderful thought-provoking and soul-stirring comments, you guys. Ya ta he, Hanta Yo!